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Trovians unite! Is trove better than minecraft?

Trovians Unite! Is Trove Better than Minecraft?

Being Square Never Felt so Good [youtube] Voxel games haven’t had very much time in the spotlight, but they are doing their best to make an impact in the gaming community from their initial inception. Ever since the astounding success of Minecraft, which captivated gamers of all ages, other games of similar themes have…

Pokémon releases new games in free-to-play market

Pokémon Releases New Games in Free-To-Play Market

“I want to be the very best” is the motto that is inundated throughout the Pokémon series. This is a franchise known for providing their audience with endless hours of fun thanks to their anime style, catchy music, and the quest to become a Pokémon Master. Who doesn’t want to travel the world and battle…