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Attack your Social Media Spoilers with Silencer by Google Chrome

So you missed the latest episode of your favorite television show because you were either too busy to watch it or you fell asleep. No big deal, right? That’s what reruns, TiVo and On Demand is for. Everything was looking okay until you check your social media. You open up your web browser and check Twitter before you commit your time and attention to the show. Sure enough, before you can realize what has happened, that certain “friend” of yours has completely spoiled the episode in 150 words or less. However, as addicted as you are, you head to the television with your tail between your legs and watch it anyway.

Silencer by Google Chrome

Silencer is an extension to Google Chrome that seeks to solve this problem by warning you of any potential spoilers that may lurk your Twitter and Facebook pages. This is a great feature as it avoids you from having to unfriend or unfollow that one person who loves to share those amazing, yet revealing television moments. There are two ways that the extension does this: One is through the use of Mute Packs, which contain a large variety of popular television shows like Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Dexter. Any posts containing the title names or related terms are muted from any posts or hashtags that include them. The second way you can stop the spoilers is through custom keywords, which ultimately perform the same task. Any of the muted terms or shows can be turned off at any time.

It doesn’t stop there. Sporting events can be a target of spoilers as well. With its new update, Silencer can also mute posts containing hashtags, players and coaches related your favorite sports teams.

Silencer is compatible on all Mac, PC and Linux computers running Google Chrome. Download it here.