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Apple Vision Pro To Be Available Through Appointment System

Despite all the memes and mockery that followed the unveiling of Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s ultra-expensive multimedia headset, the tech giant is hellbent to show that there is a massive demand for its latest flagship innovation. Its latest attempt at giving that impression comes in the form of making the Vision Pro available only through an appointment system instead of a regular sales channel.

This means that if you are interested in getting your hands on an Apple Vision Pro, you will need to buy the headset after booking an appointment. This appointment will take you to your chosen Apple retail outlet, where you can try the headset in a dedicated area. 

The Apple Vision Pro appointment sale might seem like an out of the box approach for many, but it is not a new tactic for the tech industry leader. When the Apple Watch launched in 2015, Apple marketed its then-novel product with a similar approach to create hype for its offering. By following the same playbook for its headset, Apple is banking on following a similar success story. 

Priced at a whopping $3,499, the Apple Vision Pro is not a small purchase by any means. By creating dedicated experience areas in its retail outlets, Apple is aiming to provide a novel experience to potential buyers who are interested in spending a large sum of money on a high-end headset. 

Through these experience areas, people could try on the Apple Vision Pro, see its different features with their own eyes, and explore how the wearable device could be personalized for their comfort. This not only lets the potential buyers get a hands-on test of the device before they buy it, but also allows Apple to cross-sell associated accessories with the Apple Vision Pro. 

For instance, if you wear glasses but want to use the Apple Vision Pro, the Apple staff that you are interacting with might recommend that you get prescription glass for your device. While this may take an additional few hundred dollars from your pocket, you might feel like it is not a bad deal to get a true experience out of your massive purchase. Due to this approach, the Apple Vision Pro appointment sale might just work in the company’s favor.

The Apple Vision Pro comes with an ultra-high resolution display to watch media and 3D imaging technology to help you interact with surrounding environments. But curiously enough, Apple has not really marketed the Apple Vision Pro as a virtual reality or augmented reality headset. This has allowed the company to establish that there is no set technology to use AR or VR. While the Apple Vision Pro opens the gates to these worlds, it is intended to do more than that for its users.

Apart from the ultra-pricey Apple Vision Pro, you can also consider more affordable headsets that also come from other tech giants. This includes options such as the Quest headsets from Meta that are available for a fraction of the price of an Apple Vision Pro. 

The Apple Vision Pro is set to release in 2024, which means that if you are interested in buying the headset, you don’t have to ask Apple to take your money for about a year. 

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