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Android Number Apps: Be Creative with Numbers

There are plenty of android apps available at the Google Play Store; and each of these serves some specific purpose. In today’s blog post, I’ll be talking about 2 android number apps that help you with calculations. However, these are not your ordinary simple calculators, these are more exciting because they let you play with numbers.

Android number apps
My Script Calculator Android App

MyScript Calculator

This Android number app makes even complicated formulas simple enough to calculate. MyScript Calculator puts the average boring calculator to shame. This app is unique in a sense that the complex equations are expressed in a very simple manner.

MyScript Calculator needs a phone with Android version 2.1 or higher to function properly. The latest version available is: and this is free to download. The installation file is only 4.6 MB in size. In its Google Play Store page, MyScript Calculator has got a user rating of 4.7 out of 5, simply because it really is amazing!

How to Get Started With MyScript Calculator

First of all, check out the simple tutorial. It won’t take more than 10 minutes, and it will give you a better understanding on how the app works with the listings of all the different constants and symbols recognized by it.

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Performance of MyScript Calculator

When it comes to daily routine, the common man really doesn’t need to make advanced calculations, but MyScript Calculator strikes a cord as it guides you through a very easy way to learn math. It’s like working with plain paper, only the paper here is smart enough to provide you with answers! You can write handwritten expressions in the app itself, which are then recognized easily by MyScript Calculator.

This Android number app has only one downside; when placing the numbers & symbols, I ran into some trouble. For example, I added something to an existing calculation, and the newly added symbol or number didn’t exactly go to the positions I wanted them to. However, it may be possible the problem only occurs on my own device. The bottom line is I have not seen many people complaining about MyScript Calculator in the Google Play Store page. Also, I have not tried the app in any phone, other than the one I use.

Now onto another cool Android number app. It’s called CalcTape, and it’s not a simple calculator, rather its more in-between a calculator and spreadsheet (As you can add significance next to a plain number).


Just like the MyScript Calculator, CalcTape has got a high rating from the users as well. It is only slightly behind MyScript Calculator with a 4.6 out of 5 user rating.

The latest version available is 1.0.6 and needs a Android version of 2.2 or higher to work properly. This app does not cost you any money.

Android number apps calctape
CalcTape: Another Cool Android Number App

Basics on CalcTape

CalcTape does exactly what it claims to do in the official Google Play Store page – it makes calculations visible. I loved it because it makes long strings of simple calculations very easy to complete. The great thing is that you can add a line next to every single number you enter (This is useful when you are calculating your monthly expenses), and the final result is updated in real-time. What I mean is that you can edit any number in the expression or any of the various expressions used, and the final result will get updated automatically.

With CalcTape, you get a built-in number keypad as well. This made things simpler for me as I didn’t have to enter numbers using my phone’s default text keyboard.

Though I initially thought of sticking to only 2 apps, I now feel that Quento deserves an honorable mention in this article. Quento is not a calculator; it’s an android game that helps you play with numbers, thereby sharpening your mathematical skills. You need to use a fixed set of numbers (0-9) and operators (Such as +,-,*, /) to get a result. For example, the app asks you to get the number 12 as result by using numbers & operators. So in this case you need to compute 12, therefore 7+8-3. Great for kids!