Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Geek Lovers

Valentines day

Well, geeks and geekettes, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you are like me, you have put off shopping for your significant other. Now, less than a week away, you’re  experiencing that deer-in-the-headlights feeling that accompanies last minute shopping. Fear not! Geek Insider is here to help you with a few geeky-gift ideas from Amazon, who just happens to still be guaranteeing delivery for next week’s day of love!

Dead space 3

Dead Space 3

Leave those flowers and giant teddy bears at the door! Why give your lover something cliche’ when you can give them something they can enjoy until next Valentine’s Day? Whether you are shopping for your man, or you have a hardcore gamer girlfriend, EA’s newly released Dead Space 3 will be sure to please! As an added perk, the game is downloadable, so there is no need to worry about it being shipped in time!


Star Wars Boxers

If you are leaning more toward a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but still need that hint of Geek to make your present complete, why not go with these?  What sexy man-geek doesn’t need a pair of Star Wars boxers to get those Valentine’s Day fires burning? Really, Darth Vader said it best: “Who’s YOUR daddy?”

Valentine's day

Make Your Own Wine

Why go out and buy wine when you know the geek in you wants to make their own! Start your romantic night off right by slipping into those Vader boxers and getting science-y in the kitchen with your date.

Valentines day

Gamer Sweets

You and I both know that the best Valentine’s Day ever is not complete unless there is chocolate involved. But who wants a tacky red cardboard heart filled with candy you’d rather not eat? Instead, gift the object of your geeky affection with this solid milk chocolate game controller. This would make an excellent companion gift to include with that Dead Space 3 download!

Valentines day

Marvel Wallet

Another ‘traditional gift’ turned geek, this incredible Marvel wallet is a fun take on an otherwise potentially boring gift. Geek-guys will drool over this beauty and you can’t beat the price!


Bat Girl

Let’s not forget the Super-Lady in your life! This cute tank set is sure to please any DC loving geek girl. Holy Hottie, Batman!

Well, what are you waiting for? We’ve done all the hard work for you, now get out there and make this your geekiest and best Valentine’s Day ever!