Amazon Alexa Now Lets You Speak to a Doctor

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The recent partnership between Amazon and Teledoc makes it possible to connect to your doctor through Alexa virtual assistant. Now saying, “Hi Alexa, I want to connect with my doctor,” will be an option for you rather than searching Google for symptoms and health assistance from people who rarely understand your health background. 

Teladoc Health’s chief product officer, Donna Boyer, recognized the partnership as a new level in breaking barriers to healthcare access while elevating the level of usefulness to Alexa. 

The Alexa command will connect you with the Teledoc call center, where a doctor will call you back and start a virtual visit through the Amazon Echo device. However, this may not be the best option for serious health emergencies.

If you don’t own an Alexa-based device, you can visit the Teledoc website or download the app for similar functionality. However, having Alexa will help you quickly get in touch with a doctor. There are no extra charges when you use Teledoc through Alexa. The price ranges between $0 to $70, depending on your insurance.   

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