Amazing uses for 3d printing: what the future holds

Amazing Uses for 3D Printing: What the Future Holds

The future of 3D printing has undoubtedly changed since its first appearance to the public of techies and crafters. Initially, the most incredible use of its time was its application in the construction industry. Now, there are countless uses for 3D printing that its inventors may have never even dreamed of. Here are some amazing uses for 3D printing and what the future holds for its progress.

Everyday Products

When one thinks of 3D printing, people usually think of thin extruding plastic, or perhaps its myriad of uses in the medical field. However, in current times, 3D printing is used for products that everyday people use and consume.

A 3D printer doesn’t have to use only plastic. It can use liquidized metals to make anything from jewelry to glasses. Toys are now made using the 3D printing process, as well as showerheads, outlet covers, cups, and vases. With how far the technology has advanced, it’s hard to think of something that couldn’t be made at least partially through 3D printing.

In the future, scientists predict that furniture, cars, and houses will be made using 3D printer technology.


Culinary artists are now using 3D printer technology to create more accessible food faster. One of the most exciting uses that will hopefully come soon to a table near you is 3D-printed vegan meat, extruded to imitate the texture of real meat.

For now, the current and most popular uses of 3D printing are for chocolate sculptures and cake molds. However, more attainable and sustainable food is approaching quickly on the horizon. Scientists hope to end the hunger crisis with this technology.

Arts and Entertainment

The most well-known use for 3D printing is for art. Magnificent sculptures that would otherwise be intangible are now out there for the world to experience. They’re even becoming more common in school libraries and art labs.

However, there is more to come in the near future of 3D printing. Instruments are now being created through 3D printing, too. Anything can be cast, from small harmonicas to trumpets, making these items affordable in the foreseeable future as 3D printing becomes more common.

These amazing uses for 3D printing have an unlimited future. With 3D becoming an accessible tool for crafters, you can go out there today and begin creating your own technological advancement!

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