Must-have tech supplies for your emergency survival kit

Must-Have Tech Supplies for Your Emergency Survival Kit

When hiking, camping, or taking a trip far from home, you should have plenty of resources on hand. Survival basics like water, flashlights, and batteries are a given. However, innovative technology will provide you with a considerable edge in unfavorable circumstances. Consider these must-have tech supplies for your emergency survival kit if you, you know, actually want to stand a chance out in the wild.

Cell Booster

Having access to the outside world is vital in any survival situation. Prepping for the worst by adding a cell booster to your survival kit is a way to ensure that you maintain communication and your pipeline to safety.

A cell booster is an excellent device for remaining proactive and prepared. Cell boosters seize nearby phone signals, amplify the weak signals, and rebroadcast them to your area. Essentially, it creates an environment conducive to establishing a solid ground for communication.

Solar Charger

The chances of finding a charging outlet in the wild are exceedingly slim. Having a solar charger allows you to use nature to your advantage. While batteries are always wise to keep on hand, a solar charger is a piece of technology you can repeatedly use without worrying about battery drainage. It’s also a solid backup plan if your batteries fail you.

Camping Stove

Food is a prominent factor in survival. Having a camp stove allows you to cook a variety of foods outdoors. Think about a camp stove as a portable campfire. Ultimately, having access to a portable stove allows you to prepare food anywhere safely and efficiently at any time.

Emergency Radio

In the event that you no longer have access to your cellphone, an emergency radio is another one of the tech supplies you need for your emergency survival kit. Having a source of communication in an emergency should be a priority when creating a kit, so consider adding a radio to increase your access to the outside world.

UV Water Purifier

Having access to clean water is not a guarantee when you’re in an emergency. With a UV water purifier on hand, you can ensure that while the water is not 100 percent free from contaminants, it is free from bacteria and viruses. The purifier works by emitting powerful ultraviolet lights that eliminate dangerous waterborne pathogens. You can rest knowing that your water is safe to drink with this technology.

There are plenty of essential gadgets that you can use to stay equipped for any situation that compromises your safety and survival. Consider what pieces of tech suit your situation best. What will keep you connected? What will help you stay prepared? In the age of technology, you will find all you need to keep you and your family safe.

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