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Aladdin Sequel Gets Disney Green Light

While few of us have been excited about reboots, remakes, or other such re-imaginings of movies past, there had been a bit of hope for Disney’s recent foray into making live-action flicks out of some of some of beloved animated classics. That was, at least until they started coming out.

The Lion King’s trailer looked awesome! Yet I barely made it through the movie. Perhaps I’m a bit jaded, the original was the first movie my daughters saw in a theater after all, but I just couldn’t get into the remake. Admittedly, I completely skipped 2017’s Beauty and the Beast and while I am looking forward to the March release of Mulan, when I heard the news that there would be an Aladdin sequel I only had one thing to say…


Again… totally willing to admit jadedness here (no pun intended), but with the absolute classic that the animated movie was and the superb job Robin Williams did as the genie, the bar was set high. I’ll apologize here… if you and your kids enjoyed the Aladdin remake… cheers. I thought it was a total waste of time.

Even my wife thought it was rather lackluster and boring.

And now they’re going to, what, remake the original sequel? Which itself is a classic… yeah, that makes sense.

What We Know About the Aladdin Sequel

Right now, the only official word is that the project is in development. None of the original cast has signed on as of yet but the original producers Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich are on board, and John Gatins and Andrew Berloff are currently collaborating on writing the script. Thankfully, this means they are crafting an original story for this sequel as opposed to regurgitating the straight-to-video The Return of Jafar.

It’s said that once the script is complete, stars Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott and others from the cast will be approached with offers. 

While I wasn’t the only one that didn’t enjoy the remake, it was panned online and by critics alike, there is one simple answer on why the Aladdin sequel got the go ahead from Disney.

Money of course.

The Will Smith Aladdin was the fourth live-action adaptation to surpass $1 billion at the global box office.

Critics and whiners be damned, Disney is going to follow the flow of dough.

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