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Airbnb to Show True Total Cost Before Booking

During the initial few years of its launch, Airbnb was lauded for offering affordable alternatives to hotels and resorts. But in recent years, the vacation rental app has been criticized for its high costs as well as its hidden fees that take renters by surprise. 

In order to counter the latter complaints, Airbnb announced on November 7 that it will start showing a detailed price breakdown for available listings. This takes a different approach to the app’s current system, where hidden charges are not shown until you are close to booking a property. 

It is an important change as many people have went ahead and raised this to the company numerous times. The company, Airbnb, is now looking at the trending tweets on Twitter and the issues on other platforms and they are looking to change massive action.

What is the Airbnb True Cost Tool?

Dubbed as total price display, the feature will show all hidden charges before taxes for every property on multiple screens. This total price breakdown will be available in the following locations. 

  • Search results 
  • Listing page 
  • Map
  • Filter

In addition to this, Airbnb users will also be able to see the Airbnb true cost tool on the booking page itself. This retains the feature of showing a property’s pricing close to the booking confirmation screen.

How to Use Airbnb Total Price Breakdown?

Airbnb users can utilize the total price breakdown tool by choosing to activate the option to “display total price.” This feature is available in the search options or filters. This saves users the time that they would otherwise spend on going through each property’s respective listing page to find its true cost. 

There is also a price breakdown feature available on the booking page, which adds more transparency to the costs being shown to the user. This makes it easy for aspiring travelers and tourists to determine exactly what type of facilities or charges they are paying for in the first place. 

Airbnb is Revising Its Design With the Total Price in Mind

Airbnb also announced that it will not only prioritize search results with total price instead of nightly price, but also work on giving hosts the options to list these prices more transparently. With it, the company is also making enhancements to its guest checkout system. This will ensure that hosts make reasonable requests from guests in terms of cleaning the place before finishing their stay.

These updates will start rolling out in December 2022.

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