How to Use Apple Pay and Google Wallet

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The world has now gone digital, at least for the most part. This has been a boon to many people as it has helped to increase accessibility and distribution of goods and services. Individuals can access information and various products in mere seconds. In the past, there was much more friction, this friction is now much less.

One of the key components is the ability to accept and send payments in a more seamless way.

If you are planning to switch to cardless payments, Apple Pay and Google Wallet might be your go-to platforms. But if you have never used either of these solutions for your payments, you might deem the process to be a bit daunting at first. 

To support you through this learning curve, here’s how to use Apple Pay and Google Wallet. 

How to Use Apple Pay

In order to use Apple Pay on a merchant’s point of sale (POS), you need to have your payment cards or Apple Cash configured in your Wallet app. Since you may already have these configured to pay for App Store purchases, you can move forward with the following steps. 

Using Apple Pay With FaceID

1. Tap on the side button twice. 

2. Make sure that your desired card pops up for the transaction. If not, choose another card.

3. Verify yourself either through passcode or FaceID. 

4. Hold your phone out to the POS card reader. 

5. Confirm that your transaction is complete with the on-screen notification.

Using ApplePay With Touch ID

1. Put your finger on the Touch ID. 

2. Keep pressing the touch ID while holding your phone to the card reader. 

3. Let go of the Touch ID once you see the confirmation notifications on your screen.

How to Use Google Wallet?

If you already have your payment cards setup on your Google Payments center, you can use any of your preferred methods to pay for a POS purchase using Google Wallet. In order to do so, you can execute the following steps to learn how to use Google Wallet.

Set Up Your Contactless Payments

  • Open Google Wallet.  
  • Choose your card. 
  • Make sure “Hold to Reader” comes up above your card. If an error message is displayed, you may need to either change your card or your device.

Use Google Wallet for Retail Purchases

  • Unlock your phone (this feature is region-dependent).
  • Hold your phone to the card reader. 
  • Check the on-screen notification for payment confirmation.

By going through these steps, you can easily learn how to pay for your retail purchases through Apple Pay and Google Wallet. 

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