Adobe Reader: The Specifics and Main Features of the Application

Adobe reader review

Adobe Reader is one of the most famous applications that allows users to view PDF files. Currently, Adobe released many versions of this product, as they constantly try to improve the application and add more useful features.

Adobe Reader: The In-Depth Review of the PDF Reader

When one format does not get along with another, there is an incompatibility problem. Attempts are constantly being made of various kinds of universalization. Perhaps the most famous universal document distribution format is PDF.

PDF abbreviation stands for “Portable Document Format. Developed by Adobe about 15 years ago, the format is considered to be the global standard in the field of replication and exchange of secure electronic documents. Nowadays, many users know that they can work and view PDF files once they download adobe reader.

Adobe itself underlines the following advantages of its format:

Security – support for certificates and the ability to create a security password for any PDF document. In addition, the format includes a mechanism for electronic signatures to protect and authenticate documents.

Ability to search – because the text content of a PDF-document, as a rule, is separated from the graphic, a search by the document is provided. By the way, the Google search engine) indexes and searches for text on request in PDF pages.

Widespread – according to Adobe, more than 1,800 vendors in one form or another have included PDF support in the software. A well-known example is that all popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox) with add-ons can open PDF documents in their windows.

Reliability – more than 250 million PDF documents on the Internet, including government and business resources, store information in this format. Already this fact speaks volumes. (These figures, again, are called Adobe. Where such statistics are obtained from is unknown).

Multiplatform – today, PDF-format can be easily viewed using the operating system or using third-party programs. In addition, you can open a PDF on Android. The list of supported platforms includes Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Palm OS, Symbian, Pocket PC. When opening a file, its formatting is preserved, regardless of the application used and regardless of the program in which the document was created. True, with a small resolution, formatting is usually significantly distorted. The format is optimal for printing.

A large degree of integration – PDF files contain source information, such as text, raster images (drawings, graphics), multimedia objects, 3D, maps – and all this in its original format. Fonts are integrated into the document, so even if they are not in the operating system, they will be displayed correctly.

Accessibility – PDF documents are accessible for disabled people. True, complex formatting makes it difficult to view, and therefore, the criterion of “accessibility” is very relative. Moreover, much depends on the capabilities of the software used.

Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader? What Is the Difference?

It has long been called Adobe Reader Acrobat Reader. But this tradition today will be broken, because now under the name Acrobat Reader is meant a program for editing PDF documents.

Because of this, the distribution with the program takes a few dozen times more than the Reader. Thus: Adobe Reader is a program for viewing PDF documents, Adobe Acrobat Reader is for editing.

Various Versions of the Application

Adobe account plans

As already mentioned, the Adobe Reader program is completely free (otherwise today’s material would not have been here). In addition to the free, there are three more versions of the package – Standard for $ 299, Pro – $ 449 and Pro Extended – $ 699.

Writing in detail about the differences between versions is not necessary. The higher the price, the closer in functionality Reader approaches its older brother, Adobe Reader. If you are interested in the functional features of each version, go to the page. But it is unlikely that a regular user will need anything more than just viewing PDF documents.

How to Protect Your Eyes During Reading

There are some simple tips on this. We should not forget about the reading mode in full-screen mode (see the shortcut keys below). When you press Ctrl + H, the automatic scrolling of the document is activated, but, subjectively, with large amounts of text, your eyes get tired of this “dynamic” reading.

PDF documents look best at their original scale. Especially when it comes to single-layer files, it is undoubtedly better to use a scale of 100%: in this case, the fonts are not distorted.

The main display options are concentrated in the page view section. Carefully inspect the Rendering section and configure the optimal anti-aliasing for viewing documents. It is worth noting that the option for portable devices / LCD monitors provides the best quality of anti-aliasing.

If you are viewing documents from a widescreen monitor with a large diagonal (19 or more inches), it makes sense to display two pages at once on one screen. To do this, use the View – Page View – Pairwise command. Also, do not forget about the function keys F8 and F9. They are designed to hide the extra panels. When you click again, these panels will return.

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