ABC may possibly launch a “Star Wars” live action TV series

Is the launching of a “Star Wars” live action series finally going to happen?

Paul Lee, ABC Entertainment President, says that he’s going to pay more attention to finding out what to do with the long-overdue Star Wars live action series, especially now that Disney has already acquired Lucasfilm. Paul Lee has been quoted that they would love to do something with Lucasfilm, but they’re not really sure exactly what to do yet.

Basically, what Paul Lee told the media is that they are currently thinking of something special to do with Lucasfilm – they are planning on looking at every possibility, including looking at the possibility of launching a Star Wars live action TV series, but nothing is final yet. He was quoted as saying, “We haven’t even sat down with them. We’re going to look at [the live-action series], we’re going to look at all of them, and see what’s right.”

Obviously, the Star Wars fan girl inside of me is screaming at them to start finalizing the Star Wars live action TV series now, but Paul said that they weren’t able to discuss the possibilities in full detail with Disney yet, since the acquisition just closed. Well, at least he also said that the possibility would definitely be a part of the conversation!

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It seems that a lot of Hollywood workers are unaware of the existence of a live action TV series script for Star Wars. You got that right – fifty scripts were actually produced!

Fifty scripts for the Star Wars live action TV series were actually written a long time ago, as commissioned by Lucasfilm producer Rick McCallum.  He was even quoted as describing the scripts as “provocative, bold and daring”. Wow, reading all about it just makes you want to know more, right?

But then, to no avail! Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened and almost everyone lost hope.

Can you imagine building all that hype and then seeing nothing as the end result? All the written scripts were just abandoned and left to die all alone as the visual effects that were needed in order for the Star Wars live action TV series were declared to be too expensive. It was reported that the initial budget for the show was more than $5 million dollars.

$5 million dollars per episode. 

Also, Lucasfilm wanted to retain the ownership, so it didn’t seem like a good deal to be made at that time.

But now, the shining beacon of light in the form of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm with a total of $4 billion dollars may be the hope that we were all looking for.

Can the Star Wars live action TV series actually be launched, then?

Most fans would like to hope so, but objectively speaking, this may be a bit risky, considering that a new Star Wars film is in the works to be released on 2015.

The main character of the Star Wars live action TV series may be a bounty hunter. The plot is basically about rival families who want to control the Star Wars universe, including the people who live in the planet Coruscant (the home planet). The time period is also set between the original Star Wars film trilogy and the prequels, so who knows which characters will make their timely appearances?

Do you think this project will be feasible?

Are you at the edge of your seats as I am right now?


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