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A Straight Dive into Construction Jobs in Calgary

In 2021, vacancies in Canadian construction jobs skyrocketed from 19,900 to more than 60,000. The basic interpretation of this statistic is that there are more than enough construction jobs in Calgary, Alberta and the whole of Canada. 

Several jobs, including drywalling, roofing, operation of bulldozers, general labour, crane operation, construction project management and safety supervision, all make part of the booming construction job outlook in Calgary.

Residential building construction is making a strong economic impression on construction jobs in Calgary. More investors strode in, ultimately pushing investments in residential construction to $14.1 billion early this year. 

Job Outlook: Construction Jobs in Calgary

There have been increases and decreases in the number of construction jobs in Calgary in the past year. Last year, construction job vacancies in specialty trades like masonry, painting and electrical work were up to 14,000.  There were also openings for jobs like construction helpers, labourers and carpenters.

Things have been a little different this year but still good overall.  There are 28,000 fewer workers in construction. Despite this downturn in employment numbers, Alberta’s overall number of construction jobs is still higher than a year ago. 

Calgary Construction Jobs appears to be the go-to source for basic information on construction jobs in Calgary, Alberta.

The website lists several jobs in construction available around town. Some jobs enjoying special attention on the website include construction project manager, crane operator, roofer and bulldozer. Details regarding the requirements and tip-for-success regarding several construction jobs in Calgary are shared on the website.

There’s also a directory of top-performing construction companies in Calgary to help potential employees identify where their talents might be put to the best use. For example, Borger Group Ltd is mentioned as the top transport company in the Calgary construction business. 

For roof repair, PDQ Roofing is the best place for a skilled roofer to work at. The website also reveals that top roofers can earn up to $150 per hour working in Calgary.

Other Relevant Information About Construction Jobs in Calgary

Let’s talk earnings.

Construction jobs appear to be more lucrative in Calgary than in some other locations in Canada. 

Here are a few examples of Calgary leading the way in average earnings

The average salary of a construction labourer in Calgary is $45,093 per year and is also $3,930 higher than in Ontario. 

Working as a Calgary landscape designer can get you $33 per hour.

A bulldozer operator earns an average of $32.64 per hour in Calgary, and that’s only just $1.23 shorter than in Toronto.

A Calgary elevator repair technician can make upwards of $40 an hour.

A crane operator earns $35.21 per hour in Calgary.  

Construction project managers earn an average base salary of $79,958 per year, which is $1,499 higher than in Quebec Province.

What kind of construction projects go on in Calgary?

Government Projects

Several government construction projects are going on in Calgary, with road construction projects dominating the list. These projects include the Banff Trail area improvements and the Graves Bridge repair project.

Commercial Projects

Retail shopping centres and standard space for offices and restaurants all top the list of commercial construction projects in Calgary. Projects like the Sunalta Height Apartment Complex and Barlow Crossing Building are some of the big projects currently under construction in Alberta.

Residential Projects

Residential construction is on the rise in Alberta and Canada as a whole. Investments are piling up in this sector, and that’s also pushing up demand for construction and architectural services.

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