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A Starlink IPO May Be Here Sooner Than You Know

A Starlink IPO

SpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shotwell is bringing about buzz in Miami and everywhere else. She notes that a division of the company called Starlink may be going public in the near future. That is to say that the Starlink division may be available for public investor purchase. 

This isn’t surprising.

Many Musk affiliated companies have gone public in the past, Tesla, Solar City, Paypal, etc. It is par for the Musk course.

I’ve been wrong on my other stock prediction. I said that Tesla stock is getting ahead of itself and will have to find its way down when it hit $420. But I think that there will be significant investor demand for this offering when it comes out. There’s just too much hype around the Musk brand and the space industry for it to falter.

Remember the PAZ Mission?

That’s a sliver of the many exciting things that the company is involved in today.

Let’s find out more about Starlink stock news. Further, let’s find out more about Starlink and why it matters in the world today.

What You Need to Know about Starlink

Starlink has a simple aim. It plans on bringing cost-effective internet via the launch of over 10,000 satellites. The idea is that satellite deployed internet should bring down the costs of the internet and provide for worldwide connectivity. 

The division has done tests and found success.

SpaceX states that “Starlink is now the first NGSO [non-geosynchronous satellite orbit] system to operate in the Ku-band and communicate with U.S. ground stations, demonstrating the system’s potential to provide fast, reliable internet to populations around the world.”

The Value

BusinessInsider notes that the connection speeds on the new network should be much faster than current systems.

SpaceX aims to deploy a significant amount of these satellites and help to connect those that still struggle to reliably access the world wide web due to a lack of infrastructure.

The firm aims to have the service mostly up and running by 2024. Starlink would still take at least three more years after that to be fully complete.

Does Starlink Make Sense?

Yes, Starlink does make sense.

Connecting the world to the internet is an important task and can also be quite lucrative. Musk thinks that the division could bring in about $10 billion per year in the future.


The firm is just one of several entities that are aiming to minimize internet connectivity issues. 

A Softbank backed company, One Web, is another firm that also delves into the satellite and internet connectivity domain. Firms such as Facebook and Amazon have also expressed interest in this regard. 

A Change the World Type of Investment

A Starlink IPO would see significant investor appetite. It is an enthralling idea and one that would capture hearts and minds like Tesla. While Tesla states that it acts to do away with fossil fuels and improve the world, Starlink would improve connectivity and increase productivity. It has a more extensive and exciting goal that many investors can get behind.

The division still has a long way to go, but progress is present one should see more activity related to Starlink and a potential IPO.

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