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A Review of Juice: How Electricity Explains the World

Electricity does not guarantee wealth. However, its absence is always related to poverty. The Juice movie gives us the opportunity to learn the story of electricity through the human eye, with a clear explanation of why power in one sense (electricity) equals power in a more abstract sense.

Robert Bryce and Tyson Culver use Juice to prove that they like living in a planet that is populated by the human race. The movie plays a central role in celebrating electricity as a key instrument and an enabler of the modern world.

In essence, Juice challenges humans to keep on developing and improving the technologies we are currently enjoying with the aim of ensuring abundant, equitable, and reliable access to electrical power that will be both life-giving and life-enriching.

What else is there to learn about Juice?

Let’s find out!

Juice: How Electricity Explains the World

The film Juice: How Electricity Explains the World is depicted a bit differently than a different film that explored the same category, Planet of the Humans (POTH), which starred Jeff Gibbs and Michael Moore. Planet of the Humans, seen here, portrays a more dire outlook on the future of energy.

It notes that it requires more inputs of scarce resources to power alternative energy as well. If that is the case, and we live in a world of finite resources, it is essential to curb energy utilization, which would imply the need to recalibrate consumption, GDP, and other ways of life and measurement of productivity.

That is quite a claim, one that is essential to think about and to dive into further. 

While Juice invests in taking a positive view of the nature of humanity and the progress achieved so far, it makes a significant amount of investment in addressing the objections raised by the sharp critics present in other camps.

Clearly, the subject matter in Juice is fresh, with almost every scene shot within the last three years. In comparison, the scenic representation of POTH seems like it is taken in a prior period.

Conversely, the voices and faces used in Juice scenes are diverse and geographically spread across all continents on the planet. The crew took a 60,000-mile journey to film the movie in different locations, including Lebanon, Colorado, India, Iceland, Puerto Rico, New “York, and California.

The cast includes men, women, academics, activists, engineers, and community leaders.

Juice Gives You An Overview of Our Energy Systems

In particular, Juice clearly elaborates the accurate sources of electricity, with an in-depth revelation of its strengths and weaknesses. The movie credits Iceland for its massive investment in geothermal, hydroelectricity, cleanliness, and dedication towards moving the island from fishing to much more. The economy is now one that has transformed to attract energy-intense activities like cryptocurrency mining and aluminum smelting.

Similarly, the movie highlights the progress in Lebanon, where the government has made massive investments in modern solar arrays and low-cost batteries to back up the country’s unreliable power grid. Juice also reveals the role played by Lebanon’s generator groups who are meant to deploy diesel generators any moment the grid goes off.

While Lebanon may not be the best country to look at from an economic standpoint, there are many aspects to learn from this country and others when it comes to energy resilience.

It is clear that the creators and executive directors of Juice movie took time to embrace the eco-modernist ideology and approach to enabling communities to thrive through technological innovations and improvements.

It is impressive how the film makes a conclusion by adopting an ‘all of the above’ message that wraps it all. Nonetheless, it is clear that the creators wanted to adopt the ‘best of the above’ approach to make clean power cheaper and easily accessible to all. The creators hope there will be a point in life where every global citizen will flip a switch with the trust that their systems will be supplied with enough power to improve their quality of life.

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