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A Guide to Building a Gaming Rig for the First Time

Computers can be quite expensive, especially if they’re gaming PCs. However, building a gaming rig on your own is better than buying a pre-built PC because you save money, buying every part you need separately. Before you get started, you need to determine a budgeting plan to ensure that you don’t overpay for certain components. 

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Consider building your PC based on the games you play, following each game’s requirements, and purchasing components that are strong enough for the game to function. Read this helpful guide to understand as a beginner for building your first gaming rig.


One of the important main components you require is the CPU, the central processing unit that serves as your computer’s brain. The processor is a computation engine designed meticulously into a single small chip, rendering data into packets and streamlining several sequential steps to ensure functionality. It performs a collection of mathematical operations, moves data packets from one memory to another, and uses transistors to increase the computing processes’ performance speed. When it comes to gaming, it’s all about the core and thread count in the CPU for excellent performance levels. The most modern CPUs have multiple cores and multi-threads that streamline computing tasks efficiently, making a huge difference in the performance of the game you play.


Random-access memory is another crucial component that speeds up the process of receiving and sending data. The more memory a PC has, the faster it will be when you use it. For example, if you plan to buy a Ryzen 5 CPU, you need sufficient ram for ryzen 5 5600x to function properly. High-quality memory will help you get the most out of your processing unit, and the game will feel faster. The best RAM in today’s market for gaming is 16GB, 18GB, or 32GB. The component comes in the form of sticks, and most gaming rigs can take up to 4 sticks of RAM. Consider placing each stick one space apart from each other to enhance performance and get the most out of it.


The GPU is the graphics processing unit, and it acts as the creative component that supports the CPU during the data rendering phase. The graphics card’s purpose is to streamline the strenuous computing processes and workloads, translating a lot of data that the central processing unit can’t handle alone. Most modern computers have a tremendous amount of data, and the CPU will take forever to render it. The GPU will receive and send the data, work on repetitive calculations, render graphical interfaces, coordinate computing tasks for efficiency, and transform the data into images on the screen. High-quality graphics cards for gaming are crucial because they minimize screen tearing, increase FPS levels, and allow you to play with the highest graphics settings.


The motherboard is the heart of the computer that connects every component and streamlines the communication process between every part. Consider getting a motherboard with the right circuit connections that match the design of the CPU because compatibility will make your gaming PC function correctly. When you are shopping around for a motherboard, take the connectivity options, overclocking capabilities, and lighting options into consideration.


The choice of storage makes a huge difference in your PC’s responsiveness, whether you choose to purchase an HDD or SSD. However, it’s recommended to buy an SSD for gaming rigs because they are much faster and provide high-quality performance.

Cooling System

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Cooling systems can be designed for air or water, depending on your preference. They both have their advantages, but it’s recommended that you purchase a water-cooling system for the highest potential for minimizing heat. However, the air-cooling system is cheaper, and it can be a good alternative if you’re sticking to a budget. 


The PSU is the power supply unit, and it’s often overlooked when PC builders are planning to build a new gaming computer. It’s the component that allows your computer to turn on and function, and it must be of the highest quality. Overlooking the quality and getting one without a manufacturer name will cause damages to your computer, and it may also cause dangerous fires. Double-check the PSU quality and make sure it’s from a reliable manufacturer.

Doing research will help you find the right parts for your build, but the important thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the compatibility and well-matched design of every component. Find the right source to buy all these essential parts, whether online or from reliable stores. Consider getting warranties for every component in case you need to replace them if they have flaws, and register them online at the manufacturer’s website for cheaper repairs or replacements. Follow the manual for every component during the building phase, and don’t rush to ensure that your first gaming PC build is successful.

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