9 Reasons Why Social Media Is GOOD for You

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The media has relentlessly portrayed social media badly, making users take it for granted nowadays. 

You must have heard discussions on the significant time we waste when glued to these platforms. Some find social media biased and full of toxic and meaningless arguments. 

All these are negativities associated with social media, but they’re all controllable. Don’t quit social media before you read through the examples below on how you can benefit.

  1. Instant Discussion

You can easily find instant online discussions about any topic through social media. Dedicated panels gained pace in the early days of the internet, and now there are more options ranging from Facebook groups to Reddit. 

Your friends may not have the same interest as you. So, joining an online community on these platforms ensures you’re enlightened on any issue. 

  1. Advanced Knowledge

Social media is in every part of this world, so it has information from every sector. Experts share their knowledge on the platforms to brighten the world and help other learners. So, you can guarantee that most of the information on these platforms is recent and relevant. However, it would be best if you didn’t believe everything you read on social media. Be sure to validate whatever information you find by checking for other sources. 

When the platform facilitates global knowledge sharing, they create opportunities for everybody to learn everything regarding their cause. 

  1. Connect With Friends

As you advance in life, the chances are that you no longer meet your old friends, classmates, and colleagues. With social media, you maintain a connection with these people despite the distance. Friendship retention is one of the social media’s positive effects on your life. 

Actually, the retention led to developing platforms such as Facebook and Myspace. The emergence of more platforms means that you have options to enjoy the benefit as now conversations are more effortless given that we can audio and video call our friends. 

  1. Reduces Stigma

People affected by sensitive issues such as identity, sexuality, racism, and mental health reserve their opinion for fear of being stigmatized. However, social media gives them real-time perspectives of different situations and backgrounds. 

The open dialogue offered by social media has been championed as one of the best ways to understand and accept each other. A social media platform whose users have a respectful and open-minded attitude when addressing such issues can help address and reduce stigma. 

  1. Boosts Communication Skills

Introverts and socially anxious people usually struggle to socialize in real life. They find it hard to form or join groups. Such people should start by using social media to address and reduce any pressure they feel when socializing. 

Using social media to socialize is safer and ideal as the lack of physicality creates a sense of protection and safety. Besides, the anonymity on some of these platforms makes it easier for you to overcome any anxiety that comes with expressing yourself. Note that if you’re struggling with anxiety or know someone, it’s best to be careful not to develop a toxic addition on social media. Instead, use it to boost your sociability in real life. 

  1. You Are Updated

Keeping up with the latest and relevant news keeps you in the loop about various interests. You get the news instantly, especially on Reddit and Twitter. You get the most up-to-date information and responses from other users. 

  1. Free Learning

Just like advanced knowledge is a social media benefit, so is free learning. You can gather crucial information and gain substantial experience just by finding relevant content and engagements online. 

Constantly visiting social media platforms is an excellent way to feel positive and happy. Simply view several feeds on different platforms, and you’ll be surprised at how much knowledge you’ve gained without paying a penny. 

  1. Be Part of The Community

You’ve likely been part of a community or group in your life. We are social animals, and social media seems to understand the benefit of socializing and sharing a common idea or goal with people with whom we can relate and understand. 

You don’t have to go out of your way to find a matching group. Social media is a great way to find people sharing common experiences and ideas. Perhaps your real-life friends may not relate the way you’d like because they don’t share your experiences. This is true, especially if you have a disability or are in the minority. Look for online communities on any social media platform to enjoy that camaraderie. 

  1. Establish Your Brand

Another way that social media can benefit you is to establish your brand. If you are an expert or a business, you can demonstrate your skills and promote profits via your social media accounts. Sure, you can restrict the platforms for personal use, but you could be missing out by not using social media to promote your profession or business. Some social media agencies in Dallas can help you to develop your business on social media.

You can give your profile a focus on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Promoting yourself on social media has a return and creates possible channels for more opportunities.

Social Media Can Benefit You

While social media has its shortcomings, you can focus on the valuable aspects that build your life. Take a look at the popular platforms and choose ones that seem appropriate for you. 

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