8 Sites to Find Jobs at Purposeful Organizations

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Don’t be held in that workplace forever just because you have bills to pay. You can find a better workplace where you’ll feel motivated to make a difference. 

There are numerous job positions to fill in purpose-driven organizations, including programmer, designer, accountant, research paper writer, etc. Besides, you don’t need exceptional environmental science or sustainability qualifications to land a job at these organizations. 

Simply explore the job sites highlighted below and find your slot at a socially conscious organization.

  1. B Work

B Work was formed after a merger between Fitzii and B Lab. The former is a subsidiary of the Ian recruitment company, while the latter is a non-profit that founded the B-corp certification. B Work allows you to search and filter job positions from the internship level to managerial positions. This filter lets you focus only on the companies contributing to your passion. 

B Work posts new jobs every day, and all the corporations posting there are certified. Find a job you like, click “Apply” to be directed to Fitzii and proceed with the application process. 

  1. Work for Good

Work For Good was among the first non-profit job board of its kind. It was established in 1999 as “Opportunity Knocks” and renamed later. The site’s main objective is to help you find a cause-driven career. 

Work For Good has a detailed job filtering system to refine your job search list by location, experience, salary, willingness to travel, and job type. Sure, you’ll find many positions that allow you to telecommute. 

This site posts new jobs every day from renowned organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Georgia Food Bank Association. The application process involves creating a profile on the site so employers can match you with their openings. 

  1. Escape the City

As the name suggests, Escape The City is meant for job seekers tired of city life and looking to transform their lives and working environment. The site has jobs from the community and nature-centric organizations such as The Wildlife Trust, OddBox, and The Bike Club. 

Simply sign up on the site, and you’ll acess frequent job postings and a weekly newsletter with ten awesome jobs. Besides, the list includes additional details about the positions and what objective each seeks to pursue. 

The job description guides you in applying for the position, but most jobs come with a link for you to apply through. 

  1. Idealist

This non-profit organization helps you develop your career in social impact. Idealist provides free resources and organizes grad-school fairs to help you quickly join cause-driven organizations. 

Use the platform to discover social-conscious organizations and jobs near you. Be sure to specify whether you want a remote or in-person job position in the site’s search filter. New jobs are added daily, and every ad has an external link or email to apply. 

Besides work, Idealist consolidates mutual aid groups and volunteering opportunities. So, if you’re yet to find the best-fitting opportunity, you can connect with your community through these options to socialize and gain more knowledge and experience. 

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking site today, meaning that the key lies in how you search for your preferred job. LinkedIn has countless usual ads for different job settings, but you can search for a specific position on the search bar by maintaining a unique keyword related to your cause. 

The best way to get the best out of the LinkedIn search is by optimizing your profile first. Consequently, your search will only obtain results based on your current position and experience. 

For instance, if you hold a marketing degree and have experience as a content creator, indicate that on the profile. The next time you search for a job with any keyword, the open positions you’re likely to see may include marketing manager, freelance writer, or editor. 

  1. Goodgigs

If you want a simple and clean platform to search for that meaningful position, open Goodgigs. Notably, most organizations posting jobs on the site are based in the US. 

Goodgigs has new jobs everyday sorted in categories to narrow down your search to your niche. Categories include human resources and data and finance from companies such as Sesame Workshop, GoFundMe, and Talkspace. 

Goodgigs also sends weekly emails providing job seekers with a roundup of available positions based on their passion. To receive the updates, you need to create a profile on the site and indicate what causes you’re keen to support, ranging from the environment to animal rights. 

  1. Work For Impact

This site targets independent workers who are willing to work for purposeful organizations. It has job postings almost every day from clients looking for freelancers. So, if you’re a freelancer, Work For Impact is one of the great job sites to find remote work. 

The site also has a newsletter with the latest job posting and tips to hone your skills. Simply create a profile on the site and earn Impact points that will dictate the probability of your proposal being accepted. 

  1. Skoll

Skoll posts a mixture of US and UK jobs with a handful of international remote positions. Organizations posting positions on the site include Green Salon Collective, Blue Ventures Conservation, and Build Change. New jobs are added almost daily, and you apply through a link or email address. 

Develop Your Career with Meaningful Jobs

You’ve put your hours and precious time into your job, but are you really contributing to a greater cause? If not, you have a chance to turn the tide and pursue your passion and still earn. 

We’ve compiled legitimate job sites where you can find purposeful organizations that are hiring. Try out these sites and discover how opportunities have increased more than ever before, especially in today’s telecommuting world.

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