8 Tips to Make Your Laptop Feel Like NEW 

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Laptops come in handy in our daily routines for entertainment or work. However, the constant usage and reliance on these machines quickly lead to wear and tear. This does not warrant immediate disposal. Instead, try out the remedies provided below.

  1. Delete Apps and Files

If you use your laptop regularly, it must have loads of apps and files whose existence you probably don’t know about. These and other background apps take a massive toll on your laptop’s storage space, thus affecting performance and speed. 

The only way to remove apps and files clogging the laptop is by creating a designated folder with categories for every file. It can be tricky to clean your laptop when documents, apps, and files are stored randomly on the machine. It would help organize the files and apps for easy detection and deletion. 

Once you have a set of folders, each representing a category of files, will help you delete junk and create more space. Note that most deleted files will end up in the recycle bin, and you need to clear it as well. 

  1. Wipe The Laptop’s Exterior

A used machine will gradually look a little gross after oil, dust and other substances build up. A quick cleanup will surely make a significant difference. 

Be mindful throughout the cleanup process, starting with the tools you use. If your laptop has a glass screen, you need certified cleaners like Windex. Alternatively, you can use a small amount of water and dish soap. Avoid applying or spraying anything directly to the laptop screen. Instead, use a dishcloth or microfiber. Do the same for the entire laptop exterior. You only need to carefully approach ports and other gaps to avoid damage, electrical shock, or short circuits. 

  1. Create More Memory Space

A slow laptop is frustrating, especially when your time is running out. Frequently used laptops’ performance deteriorates with time, but you don’t need to purchase a new one right away. Try adding RAM and check whether the performance improves. Acquiring and installing a new RAM doesn’t have to break the bank.  

  1. Update System

Manufacturers update operating systems for a reason. Patches are meant to fix any issue with the system and improve the machine’s performance. Laptops running an updated operating system have high performance and improve your experience as a user. So, update your machine’s OS to add new features and make the device more enjoyable. 

If you’re yet to receive any update notifications, check them from the device’s settings. Simply type “update” on the search bar to view available system updates. 

  1. Cover Your Laptop

If your laptop looks worn out due to scratches, adding a cover would make it look new. Laptop covers hide blemishes and give your machine a unique look. Most laptops come in gray, white, and black, so it would be colorful if you added a cover. 

Choose a personal and unique cover from online stores such as Etsy or Amazon. 

  1. Remove Reside and Stickers

Stickers are easy to personalize your laptop, but they quickly turn from incredible to ugly, especially when they start peeling and leaving residue. The sticker removal process is daunting and frustrating, especially if they’re on an expensive machine. 

Try sticker removal options such as applying heat with a hairdryer or massaging them with a solvent to get the laptop back to looking clean and polished. 

  1. Clean the Fan

Fans are a crucial component of your laptop as they keep it cool and safe. However, dust builds up in these fans with time, affecting their performance. Check whether the laptop is heating up easily or producing a whizzy noise near the fans. 

The best way to clean a fan is by dismembering it from the laptop. However, you may need expert help as the removal process depends on the laptop type. 

  1. Replace Hard Drive with SSD

If your laptop only has a spinning hard drive disk and doesn’t have SSDs, consider replacing the former with the latter. New laptop models come with SSDs, so check your laptop’s specifications online to ensure that yours doesn’t have them. 

An SSD is faster and more efficient and can drastically improve your laptop’s performance. A reliable SSD retails at about $70, subject to change with the brand, read speed, and storage capacity. 

You may need assistance from an expert to remove the hard drive and install an SSD. Alternatively, check specific tutorials for your laptop model online. 

Rejuvenate Your Laptop 

Try out the tricks discussed here to address any performance, storage, or appearance issues. These tricks are way more affordable than acquiring a new model and will likely prolong the laptop’s lifespan. 

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