8 ESSENTIAL Smart Home Products Every House Needs

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There are good reasons to become a smart home bandwagon. You easily control your home while saving significant time and money. But what makes your home smart? 

Smart technology is growing by the day, broadening device selection more than ever before. We seek to cut the research time down for you, so we’ve highlighted eight essential home products. 

  1. Smart TV

Modern apartments for rent in Raleigh are interconnected and demand a high-tech TV, not the regular HDTV cable or antenna sets. Modern TVs have smartphone apps and can connect to the internet for ultimate entertainment. With just a simple flat-screen TV, you can check social media, play games, and stream movies on YouTube or Netflix. The recent models come with advanced voice controls, meaning that you can search for programs or switch channels verbally.

  1. Smart Speaker

Modern smart speakers are crucial in building a smart home. They come with voice assistant support that helps you control other smart home products, from your coffee machine to your light bulb. With just an easy setup, smart speakers make your living space high-tech. 

In addition to managing your smart home devices, smart speakers can help you play audiobooks and music or set alarms and reminders. Also, sync them with your calendar to help you get through your week smoothly. Find a stable platform for the smart speakers and check whether they need a power outlet. 

  1. Smart Lights

Smart lighting is another essential product to set up in your smart home. These lights deliver a unique illumination and easily integrate with other smart home devices. 

Once you have smart lighting devices in your home, you won’t have to get up from your couch to control them. Simply connect them with your smart speakers and use your voice. The bulbs also have companion apps that allow remote control. 

  1. Smart Security Camera

Installing security cameras is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment. However, you need to ensure that you install smart security cameras if you want to advance your home security. 

The smart cameras use your home’s Wi-Fi connection to connect to your smartphone and cloud storage. This keeps you aware of the real-time situation in your house or compound. The smart cameras will also send you alerts once they record an activity.

Besides video recording and image capture, smart home devices have two-way communication, geofencing, and face tagging. 

  1. Smart Smoke Detector

It would help if you had an advanced smoke detector than one limited to sounding the alarm whenever the house is on fire. The detector should also warn you of a possible fire outbreak even when away. This means investing in a smoke detector with overriding benefits over its traditional counterparts. 

With smart smoke detectors, your home has an additional layer of protection as they send every signal to the cloud. This makes it possible for your smartphone to receive alerts regardless of your location. 

What’s more, the smart home tech can integrate with other devices and mitigate any dangers. For example, if a fire breaks out in your house, the smart smoke detector integrates with the smart lighting system to ensure that you escape unhurt. 

  1. Smart Video Doorbell

The video doorbell is usually your first line of defense against unwanted guests and porch pirates. A smart doorbell comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, microphone and a camera for live video recording. The doorbell then transmits data from the door to the cloud and your phone’s doorbell app. So, you just open the app and talk to whoever is at your doorstep. Note that the doorbell has a smart camera that offers motion detection and facial recognition features. 

  1. Smart Plug

These are basically power strips or plug-in outlets controlled through mobile apps. You don’t have to go for the pricey smart products, as low-cost smart plugs will work just fine. Connect the smart plugs to your home network and transform existing devices like fans and lights into smart appliances. Set up the smart plug, attach fans and lights to it, and you can control them right from your phone. 

The smart plug lets you monitor the energy consumed by each of the attached appliances, and you can schedule specific times for the device to turn off or on. The latest models integrate with popular voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa, so all you may need is just a voice command. 

  1. Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are changing how we cool and heat our homes. These devices are app-enabled, meaning that you can set the right temperature in your house even when you’re miles away. 

You can also use your voice through Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant to stay on top of your heating system whether you’re on vacation, at work, or home. 

More advanced smart thermostats will use their occupancy sensors to detect any activity in the house. They use this data to regulate the HVAC system based on your preferred temperature and the times you’re usually home. The smart thermostats can also show the HVAC system’s energy consumption, connect with other smart home products, and notify you about issues. 

Upgrade Your Smart Home Products

These are the essential smart home products to jumpstart your home renovation and convert your house into a smart home. They add convenience and comfort to your home and expedite your daily routine making life more fun. 

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