5 Women Marvel Could Have Used, Instead of Female Thor

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Marvel has decided that Thor will be a lady now to get women more interested in the franchise. I completely see their point. I mean, FINALLY, there will be a strong female in the Marvel Universe….

Oh look, here’s 5 Lady Superheroes they could have used instead:

1. Valkyrie

Valkyrie female thor

If they wanted to stick with Norse theme in the Marvel Universe, they didn’t even have to outside of Thor’s homeworld. She even looks a little like the pictures they’re putting out there of female Thor. Valkyrie is strong, smart and a survivor.

2. Moondragon

Moondragon female thor

You know what there’s not enough of? Female superheroes with shaved heads. Still staying completely in the realm of Asguardians, Marvel could have chosen Moondragon.

She’s not very well known. But her name is Moondragon. How can you not like that?

Not only that, she’s a self-made woman. No being born to royalty, no being thrown into a vat of something glowing, she is who she is because she made herself that way. Who is she? An extremely difficult person to kill, with telekenetic powers and one hell of a love life. Exactly how much more female empowerment do you want?!

3. She-Hulk

She hulk

I admit, Marvel’s decision to not call a female version of Thor “She-Thor” or anything like that, is pretty classy. Still, I’m not sure what else we’d call ‘She-Hulk’

Regardless, She-Hulk is a strong character. Yeah, she’s green, but Thor was apparently a frog for a few weeks at one point. She was also red for a while, which means she’s versatile!

And she’s not just  her male counterpart in female form. She-Hulk is her own person, she has her own identity. She maintains her intellect after the transformation, plus she’s trying to hold down a job as a lawyer, while also being an Avenger. Uhmmmm can anyone say “Career Superwoman”. Sorry, wrong Universe 😛

4. Lilith

Lilith female thor

A character steeped in actual mythology and belief, just like Thor, but she’s more bitey and kids love Goths. Trust me.

She can turn into mist. Mist. Plus she has a slight control over the weather as well. I know it’s not a huge hammer that creates lightening or anything, but still. Mist. Oh yeah and she’s like, Blade before there was Blade.

5. Storm.


Isn’t she the most obvious choice in the land of Obvious Things?! Oh Thor can ‘create’ thunder and lightening, very very frightening. But only if he’s got his special hammer. Storm? Just does it with her mind. It’s no big thing.

She can actually control the weather, she’s royalty and has been worshipped as a Godddess, making her some would argue (okay, I would argue and my cats agree with me) the perfect female version of Thor. Without being Thor. And without needing any accessories to get the job done. Above all that, we know Storm, she’s part of the franchise and yet she could be given a much bigger part to play. Her backstory is enthralling, her entire story is intricately woven into major parts of the Marvel Universe.

So there you are Marvel, at least 5 women out of the entire Universe that you’ve created that you could be shining a brighter spotlight on, rather than turning Thor into a woman. To me, I don’t think it’s empowering to have a traditionally male character turned into a female character, just so that ladies will be more interested in them. I think that’s selling the female audience short. I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while not being a teenager, a mutant, a turtle, a ninja, or a dude. Superhero fandom just doesn’t work that way. Gender and sex doesn’t get in the way of really loving a character or wanting to be like them.

Still, if this move by Marvel empowers just one person or even just gets some more gender swap Cosplay happening (which are still some of the cleverest Cosplay I’ve ever seen), then I can’t really hold a strong objection to it and I don’t think anyone else should get too upset about it either. I hope this leads to them promoting their pre-existing strong women in the Marvel Universe.

If I’m honest, I just wrote the list so I could talk about Storm because Storm is the bombdiggity.

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  1. One of the issues regarding female characters in comics and other forms of media is that the male characters have a much larger history. While any of the characters you mention would make great additions to a team, new readers wouldn’t find them as engaging as Thor because they don’t immediately recognize them. Also I reject the idea that making relatable female characters in any way insults the intelligence of female readers. The more female representation, the less it will feel like tokenism when a girl shows up. Female readers need representation in their media and making Thor a girl is a great way to change our perceptions of an established character while making comics more diverse. Still, great article outlining some oft forgotten characters. Keep up the good work.

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