5 Tips to Reduce Home Heating Costs

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The changes in season mean that you need to heat your home to stay warm. These changes come with several costs, one of them being the high cost of keeping the heater powered. It should be worrying when the cost of keeping your home warm ranges at the $1000/month exclusive of household bills like telephone or water. Luckily, there are several proven ways to reduce heating costs regardless of the room size. Air filters on your HVAC systems should be replaced on a regular basis as it is the one responsible for blocking harmful air particles and regular maintenance can help lower the operating cost of the HVAC. Filters from Filter Buy provides promising performance, you can check this 18x24x1 air filter as reference.

Utilize the Ceiling Fans

Although the ceiling fans are meant to cool the room, they can also prevent heat from ascending. When the ceiling fans are running, they create a breeze at the ceiling keeping the hot air at bay. Failure to utilize the ceiling fans would allow the hot air to rise and warm up the entire room, forcing you to frequently use the air conditioning, which is costly by far than the ceiling fans. Just utilizing your ceiling fan could reduce your heating costs by about 20%. Combining air conditioning with ceiling fans would drastically reduce electricity bills even if you’re using central air conditioning. So, if you’re yet to install a ceiling fan, it would be wise to do so and enjoy benefits in all four seasons. 

Shut Unused Rooms

Most households have unused rooms that facilitate a significant heat loss. When you have these rooms open, they steal or generate heat affecting the temperature balance in the entire house. For this reason, you should keep the rooms closed to save the energy required to heat the used rooms. Otherwise, the air conditioner would need to produce more energy to compensate for the heat stolen by the unused room.

Draft Stoppers

Having door draft stoppers on all doors and windows keep the heat from seeping through the gaps and cracks. Escaping heat would mean additional heating duration and costs, and draft stoppers are simple solutions to these costs. The stoppers work wonders when you use them at the bottom of the exit door. 

Use Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are another affordable method to reduce your heating costs. These are not your typical curtains but unique opaque, lightweight fabrics that block cold drafts from entering the room, thus trapping the heat within. This mechanism prevents money wastages on air conditioning as the thermal curtains block outdoor temperature to avoid excessive energy use. 

Use Propane

Propane is an alternative to all the air conditioning machines that keep your power bills way up. This fuel has become a popular heating option among homeowners interested in sustainable and inexpensive home heating. Also, it’s cheaper than natural gas or oil, not to mention its eco-friendliness. Moreover, propane has a high energy density meaning that you’ll have lower heating costs for every room, making it the perfect option for smaller homes with lower air conditioning needs. You don’t have to worry about BTUs as propane produces the same energy as other fuels but produces less CO2 emissions since there is less of it used. What’s more, you can quickly get propane anytime from the numerous propane delivery companies near you. 

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