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5 Star Wars Theories We All Wish Were True

Every single time a new Star Wars trilogy or movie is announced, fans take their imagination a step too far by coming up with almost incredible theories about the plot. To be fair, however, some of these theories deserve respect and often seem like a better option than the actual storyline. So, for those that have wondered what the top 5 Star Wars theories we all wish were true are, we took the freedom to make a list and spare you the trouble of finding them yourselves.

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Star wars theories

Luke Skywalker Scarred Supreme Leader Snoke

In the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens we finally got the chance to learn a bit more about the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke. His severe scarring was enough to give viewers the chills, while some even went to the lengths of predicting that he was Darth Vader. However, a simple, yet interesting theory that hit the public was that Snoke’s scarring is a result from him fighting the Rebellion hero Luke Skywalker. According to the theory, that’s the real reason why the Supreme Leader is after Skywalker and hates him so much. This would be a great plot twist and fill many holes that left viewers wondering what the hell was happening.

Qui-Gon Jinn Was a Sith

Hell yeah there’s a theory that the prequel version of Obi-Wan was, in fact, a secret Sith. Some of the facts fans gave to support this thesis were him being a pupil of Count Dooku and his pushing for Jedi Council approval to train Anakin. Qui-Gon Jinn used the power of the Force Ghost as well, which is yet another reason not to trust the guy 100%. However, this speculation was never actually confirmed and therefore it still remains just a theory that would make the plot much more interesting.

Rey the Female Scavenger Was Luke Skywalker’s Student

Well, this may actually turn out to be true in the future, but for now there aren’t any strong proofs and thus we’ll consider it just a theory. So, what dedicated fans have noticed is that Kylo Ren recognised her before having their iconic lightsaber battle. Also, there’s Rey’s fear to embrace her Jedi destiny as well as her undeniable connection to Skywalker. All these things combined may signal that the scavenger was the young girl who witnessed the slaughter by Ren at the Jedi academy. Some people even say that she may be Luke’s niece or a daughter. According to the theory, Rey was sent to the Jakku desert to escape the dangers at the school. Truth or not, we thing it would be great for her to be somehow related to the Rebellion.

Star wars, star wars theories

Boba Fett Killed Owen and Beru Lars

Certainly if we could make a wish and make a theory true, we would go for a one where Owen and Beru don’t die at all. Nevertheless, this is Star Wars and people get killed, burned and vandalised all the time; hence, we can’t really hope for seeing them alive. However, fans came up with a great theory that Stormtroopers weren’t the ones to blame for their tragic and traumatic death. Luke’s aunt and uncle, according to those with strong imagination, were killed by Boba Fett. One of the strongest reasons to believe this is the fact that Vader wasn’t a fan of killing people; at least not before he interrogates them. Plus, Boba was near the place of the crime and had a motive. Shocking, right?

The Ewoks are Horrible Human Flesh Eaters

Ewoks are cute, Ewoks are cuddly, Ewoks are horrible… wait, what? Oh yeah, there’s a whole theory that if true wouldn’t really change the plot that much, but it certainly would make us question our positive opinion about the Ewoks. Considering the fact they were more than ready to turn Han Solo into soup when they captured him, fans came to the conclusion that these furry creatures have no problems eating human flesh. To make everything even creepier, they went to the lengths of guessing that the party after the end of the dictatorship they were, in fact, celebrating the tasty Stormtroopers meat that dropped into their laps. Tasty? Not really.


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