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5 Harry Potter Moments That Ripped Your Heart Out

While there are tons of heartbreaking moments to choose from in the Harry Potter series, we have dug up the top five. These five are the ones that when read, the book ends up flying through the air and hitting the wall because there are too many emotions keeping us from reading and our eyes are filled with tears.

5. Snape’s Unrequited and Unabating Love for Lilly


Though some wouldn’t agree that this is a heartbreaking moment in the series, just keep reading. Everyone has felt the kind of love Snape had for Lilly Potter: unrequited love. The kind of love that keeps you up at night and contorts your stomach into endless knots. But not everyone would have been Snape. He never gave up his love for Lilly and even in death he watched over her son, the only thing he has left of her. We seeHarry’s journey in Snape’s memories through the Pensive that he always has and we see he will always love Lilly. No matter that she married James instead of him, he will never stop loving her. His last moments were talking with Harry, his last link to Lilly. He gazed into Harry’s eyes, passed down to him from his mother.

4. Remus and Tonks Lupin’s Death

Harry potter moments that ripped your heart out

Everyone had to have been super excited when these two started hooking up. The lovable, funny, crazy Tonks with our favorite Werewolf—who could have made a better match? We can see the intensity of their love and devotion for one another. Just look at how they die together defending the world from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, protecting their son and his future while making the world a better place for him in which to grow up. Their deaths made us lay down the book and take a moment of silence for their bravery and compassion, the love they shared, and their orphan son. How can one not tear up at that?!

3. Death of Sirius

Sirius black's death, harry potter moments that ripped your heart out

Sirius the misunderstood, black sheep godfather everyone loves to hate. Even when in Azkaban he tried to think of Lilly and James Potter and how he could protect his godson. He was the only person Harry really felt was family and not just his friend. Sirius cared deeply for Harry and tried to make up for not being able to protect his friends and Harry’s parents. He loved Harry with his whole heart and gladly died to try to save him. That’s why Sirius’s death was so powerful and moving. One minute he was there, the next he was gone, and there wasn’t even a body to bury and mourn over. So in the blink of an eye, the only real family member that loved and cared for Harry was erased.

2. Dumbledore’s Death

Dumbledore's death, harry potter moments that ripped your heart out

Now some might disagree, but I feel Dumbledore’s death should come in at #2 because, while it was one of the most moving and upsetting deaths of the series, there is one other that had a greater impact on the characters than his. He was loved and hated by many, one of the most powerful wizards ever, and influenced countless young minds to greatness. With his death came the loss of a powerful and kind soul. He obviously loved Harry and every student he taught, even Tom Riddle. But while his departure was horrific, it was also the catalyst needed to start the revolution, to have those who needed prompting fight back against evil.

1. Fred Weasley’s Death


Now some might say that Dumbledore’s death should be #1, but just think about this. George Weasley lost the other half of his soul. He lost his twin. Who would make stink spell bombs and terrify teachers and run the magical gag shop with him now that Fred is gone? No one ever can or will replace Fred for George. Not to mention the effect Fred’s death had on his family and friends. Fred and George were two parts of the same person and from now until he dies, George will only be half of what he was. Which is why Fred’s death is the most heartbreaking moment in the series. Some couldn’t even get past that page for the tears blurring out everything else.


These are only some of the saddest moments in the Harry Potter series. There are many more, along with happy moments that shine so bright that the tears evaporate from the losses. Though these people we loved have died they continue on with us, they will always be there to comfort us when we re-read or watch Harry Potter. Through pain we learn how strong we are, and those characters in this series are strong enough to live through the pain to the goodness in life.

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  1. What about Dobby? His death was at least as sad as Fred’s. He was more devoted to Harry than anyone but Sirius.

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