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5 Essential Steps for Setting Up an IT Support Service

IT support services have become an increasingly common aspect for many of today’s multinational companies. Whether it’s helping a customer set up a server or helping them with the new network protocols that they are implementing in their small business, IT support is vital. The need for competent support is often seen in cases where instruction booklets are simply insufficient for a customer’s needs. Implementing your own IT support service is not that difficult so long as you stick to the essentials and take the advice of this guide into consideration.

Choose a Proper Video Conferencing Service

Have you ever been in a situation where your customer is saying that they are doing a particular step, yet nothing seems to be happening? It is during instances like these that any IT support representative will tell you that being able to see what a customer is doing would be a Godsend. This is why getting video conference cameras for IT support services from providers like Blue Jeans should be your first essential step to setting up your IT support service. Through the use of a video conferencing service that a customer can connect to via their laptop, desktop, tablet or phone, IT support personnel will be able to see what the customer sees and this would go a long way towards resolving the problem. In fact, various studies have shown that being able to see a support representative “in the flesh,” so to speak, has been shown to enhance a client’s impression when it comes to a company’s support services. This goes a long way towards enhancing the word-of-mouth reputation of a company resulting in the potential for more clients.

Buy the Right Kind of Microphones and Telephone Systems

Another essential that you will need is purchasing a proper microphone and telephone system. Most IT support services utilize a combination of a headset and an Avaya phone system to handle all IT support calls or for escalating a call to the right department. Avaya phone systems differ from their home-use counterparts since they enable an IT support representative to connect a call to a different department, have multiple people on the same call or transfer an individual who called from one system to another in a seamless fashion. If you prefer an approach that is more in line with video conferencing, then services like Blue Jeans do allow customers to connect to an IT support representative via a website link so that they can interact with them directly.

Use a Customer Issue Ticketing System

Aside from making the job of your IT support staff that much easier through the use of video conferencing equipment, another essential that you need is a proper customer issue ticketing system. This sort of system helps companies track issues when they are reported by a client and helps the company determine what problems are the most prevalent. Systems like these enable companies to implement new preventive practices to minimize the reported issues. One of the best examples of such a system is the CARE system utilized by AT&T whenever customers call its troubleshooting hotline. The CARE system creates an individual file in the system that is attached to a client’s mobile phone number or internet account. Whenever a customer calls in regarding a problem, their file is automatically updated which helps the company track the issues with that account and helps future representatives in dealing with the problem. As you can see, such a system would be an invaluable addition to the tools of any IT support staff and, as such, it is highly recommended that you implement one in your company.

Find Competent Personnel

Hiring competent personnel is essential when it comes to establishing an IT support department. You need people with the right technological proficiency so that the training period can proceed relatively quickly with little in the way of delays due to a lack of knowledge. If you fail to hire competent personnel, then it is likely that you will find yourself with dissatisfied customers.

Evaluate Your List

The last step is to assess what you are going to implement in your IT support department. First, you need to take a look at the sort of cameras you are going to utilize. Are you going to choose equipment from affordable companies like Logitech or will you opt for video conferencing cameras directly from Blue Jeans? When it comes to the microphone and phones system you will purchase, do you believe that getting an Avaya system would be in your best interest or will a cheaper brand suffice? These are important questions that you need to ask so that you can create a proper evaluation of your needs and determine how much you are willing to pay to implement your desired service.

All in all, implementing an IT support service requires a lot of investigation into choosing the right equipment, facilities, and personnel to get things right. Don’t rush and take things slowly to prevent yourself from making a costly mistake that you will regret.

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