5 Daily Habit Apps to Achieve Your Health Goals

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Your daily habits determine your health outcome. However, this daily routine could become too demanding to remember, especially with the daily grind at work or school. 

Luckily, there are now habit apps thanks to advanced technology. These trackers help you change from negative to positive health habits and quickly achieve your crucial health goals. We’ve compiled five of the most effective apps to help you keep track of your daily habits and maintain good health.

  1. StepsApp Pedometer

As the name suggests, the StepsApp Pedometer tracks your steps to help you attain a set goal in a day. Download the app to your phone and launch it whenever you have a walk. By simply launching the app and keeping the phone in the pocket, the app will track your steps, providing a visual representation every day of the time taken, distance covered, calories burned, and floors climbed. The app also shows a summary of all the steps you’ve made on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Familiarize with the StepsApp Pedometer and set your own daily goals, including the floors to climb, time to take, calories to burn, or target number of steps. This way, you receive push notifications when you accomplish any of your daily goals. 

The app also has the “Insights” tab that displays crucial trends such as your daily goal streaks, total steps overall, average steps per day, or your most active hour every day. Similarly, the “Results” tab awards you for maintaining a regular walking routine. 

  1. Calory

Calory is a simple app that monitors your daily calorie intake. The app records your weight, height, activity level, and weight goal to establish the correct number of calories you should take every day. Therefore, you can personalize the profile by choosing whether you seek to maintain, gain, or lose weight. 

You need to record your food intake whenever you eat for the Calory app to determine your closeness to attaining your calorie goal. Although common foods have preset calorie values, you can manually input the calorie intake for other meals. Also, locate the “History” feature on the app to view calorie intake in the past and how it relates to daily weight gain, maintenance, or loss. 

  1. Water Reminder

Most people have no idea what amount of water they take or whether they’re doing it right. The Water Reminder app will help you determine and achieve your daily hydration target. The app’s high allows you to select your daily hydration goal and match them with others, such as fitness and weight loss. Choose the type of drink you take from the extensive list, input the amount and let the Water Reminder app handle the rest. 

By opening the app’s homepage, you’ll see the progress and how close you are to attaining your set goals. There’s also the “Nutrition” page for health-conscious users seeking to monitor their nutritional details. If you want to track your consistency regarding daily, weekly, or monthly water consumption, tap the “History” tab. 

  1. ScaleBook

The ScaleBook app is focused on simplicity and has no options to set your goals or receive notifications. It’s just a simple weight tracking app to make it easy to develop a healthy habit. So, if you wish to reach your daily weight goals, download this weight logging app and experience the intuitive and straightforward interface that focuses on precisely what you need and nothing more. 

Using the ScaleBook is pretty easy as you need to record your weight and the corresponding data filters and time. The app will visualize trends on whether your weight has increased or decreased in the past week, month or year. 

  1. ShutEye

If you want to maintain a good sleeping habit, the ShutEye app will help track your sleeping patterns. The app will know when you fall asleep, when you wake up and all the sounds you make while asleep. Sure, the app has an additional option where you can choose to record specific sounds, including bruxism, coughing, snoring, and sleep talk. 

ShutEye also has the “Statistic” feature that records daily trends, including the types and duration of sleep sounds and sleep stages. The app will use results from these statistics to customize a plan that creates a more peaceful sleep. 

If you struggle drifting off, the ShutEye app has sleep aid features with more than 200 sleep features, guided meditation, and sleep stories. It also includes some insightful articles with healthy sleep tips and dream interpretation. 

Apps To Help Achieve Your Health Goals 

These apps will help you record your behavior patterns and see which ones need improvement or change. This way, you change the negative habits into positive ones and easily attain your health goals. Chiefly, the small changes recommended by these apps will help you achieve ambitious health goals easily and within no time. 

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