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5 ESSENTIAL Things to Consider Before You Start Crypto Mining

Crypto mining can be very profitable. The entire process only requires putting new coins into the blockchain circulation and validating transactions. This way, miners receive a reward for their work. However, the mining process is not as simple as it sounds and may not work for everyone. So, if you’re thinking of crypto mining, you are likely to make money, but there are considerations you need to make first. 

Below are essential things that you should consider before getting into crypto mining.

  1. Type of Crypto

There’s a wide range of cryptocurrencies that you can mine today, but some have more returns than others. In the same way, you will come across cryptos that are easy to mine, so you better understand the dynamics of your preferred coin before you make the final decision. 

Most people, especially newbies, go for the Goldilocks zone. In other words, they start with a coin that has no expenses to set up or maintain but generates a healthy profit. Obviously, it would be hard to find this kind of crypto as all recommendations online seem to direct people in that direction, meaning that everyone else is likely looking for the same thing. 

For example, Ethereum is far less time-consuming to mine than Bitcoin and has a generous reward when you mine a block. However, mining is sometimes a hassle since more people are trying to mine, looking for the same advantage. Therefore, when you learn of the benefit of one crypto, you should think of how it might affect its availability and reward in the long run. 

Other than the mining process, you should also check the market performance of the preferred token. Note that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and coin prices could change at any moment. Avoid tokens that have proven unstable for the last few years as their prices could dwindle anytime. If you choose to trade with a coin whose value is prone to dropping, you will receive less reward than you would if you mined a stable and valuable token. 

  1. The Capital

Crypto mining requires you to allocate some time and hardware. This can range from a pricey ASIC miner that costs thousands of bucks to a preexisting CPU in your device. Sure, using a CPU is the convenient option for many, but the hardware is quickly becoming outdated in matters of crypto mining. Most miners using CPUs are constantly struggling with overheating issues and energy inefficiencies. Al these make the process time-consuming. 

For these reasons, many opt for either ASICs or GPUs. The latter costs a few hundred dollars, but you’ll still come across high-end options in the thousands range. In the same way, you can start with older ASICs costing a few hundred dollars but if you want to start with a brand new and efficient one, be ready to dig deeper into the pocket.  

Remember, the main goal is to mine crypto and not acquire expensive hardware. Due to the expenses in crypto mining hardware, you should research how much you need to spend to get started. Avoid distractions from hype and instead focus on up-front price, running cost, and crypto suitability.  

  1. Hardware-Crypto Suitability

It is worth noting that you need specific hardware to mine certain coins. So, before you indulge in crypto mining, ensure you have matching hardware for your preferred token. For instance, it won’t be possible to mine Litecoin through a GPU as the coin only supports ASIC. Similarly, you’ll come across other coins that can’t be mined using the same hardware or CPU. 

Moreover, ASIC users are programmed to only focus on one kind of cryptocurrency. Therefore, you need to check the specs of your hardware to ensure that it aligns with your goals. This way, you will save yourself a lot of struggles in the process and avoid money wastage. 

While the hardware should not control what crypto you mine, check whether it’s designed for mining your preferred token before purchase.

  1. Energy Consumption  

If you are so much into helping the planet or living on a strict budget, crypto might be a setback for you. In addition to the upfront hardware costs and requirements, operating a node using your computer and hardware is incredibly energy-sensitive, meaning that your monthly energy bill will skyrocket. 

The main drivers for this are the hashrate and block time. The block time refers to the time you take to verify the transaction of a complete block, while the hashrate refers to the computing power used in the process. A higher hashrate will lead to a higher electricity bill, while a longer bloc time leads to more energy consumption. 

Your preferred type of hardware will also impact energy consumption during the crypto mining process. For instance, you will most likely use less power when using GPUs as they are more efficient than CPUs. However, the mileage may vary drastically depending on the crypto you mine, the hardware, and your local electric rates. The best way to tone down on electricity bills is to ensure you buy and operate hardware known for energy efficiency. 

  1. Solo Or Pool Mining 

These are the two common ways that you can mine crypto. As the names suggest, pool mining involves joining a mining pool with multiple miners, while solo mining involves mining on your own. 

The best thing about pool mining is that you will eventually receive a reliable income stream as miners commit a given amount of computing power to the pool. As a result, all members’ power produce significant rewards handed out proportionally depending on how much energy each user committed. Note that the mining pools also have operational fees deducted from your rewards. 

Sure, pool mining is reliable, and you use relatively less computing power than when mining alone. The only setback in pool mining is the relatively lower rewards than mining alone. In solo mining, you keep the entire mining reward. 

The decision on whether to mine alone or join a pool depends on the amount of income you target and the risk you are willing to take. 

Take Your Time Before You Start Mining

Crypto mining is gaining popularity as a great way to earn income from the comfort of your home or office. However, the factors discussed above determine how much you need to invest, how much to expect and how long it takes to get the reward. So, before committing to anything, ensure you consider the essential things discussed here and conduct thorough research on the appropriate hardware for your mining. 

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