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4 Most Anticipated Gadgets of All Time

The greatest gadgets are the ones that are revolutionary, the products you can’t sleep over, and write on your Christmas list multiple times to get the point across to your parents. There have been innovations that we may remember but some stand alone as the most anticipated gadgets of all time; and society changing for several reasons.

These gadgets will remain legendary because of the walls they’ve broken down and technology families they have brought life to. Below are the 4 most anticipated gadgets of their time:

Sony PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 marks a significant time in the video game industry where the graphics began to mirror reality in an astonishing manner. The gaming console brought the industry to an entirely different level.  The system housed a 128-bit CPU with a graphics synthesizer, introducing a very new sight to the gaming world. Imagine the first gaming platform to play DVD movies, the versatility of the PS2 had consumers addicted. Sony’s system did release at $300 but it opened the door for a number of other competitors. Games like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid 3 killed the market and attraction an entirely new following to PS2. Apparently not only did competing systems come of PS2’s release, but multiple game series that continue to thrive today.

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The Apple Family

We all know the Apple family still remains as one of the lead faces in smartphone technology. They seem to have led the way to the epidemic our society indulges in today. Remember when the iPhone 3G was about to released, the anticipation was off the charts.

iPhone 3G

The iPhone family was the first to introduce the concept of apps and with the iPhone 3G, they had several that made the early generation such a high commodity. The iPhone 3G had such features as the Assisted GPS, the 3G network, and the iPhone OS 2.0, which was a very futuristic operating system at the time.  Although above all, the App Store was new and attractive to all mobile users even if they weren’t with Apple. Everyone wanted an iPhone for that reason, which may be the sole reason of its high anticipation. 1 million units sold over the first weekend of the iPhone’s arrival in ’08.

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The iPad may be the most recognizable tablet that started the hybrid revolution of devices. Apple’s iPad runs on their iOS and was first released in 2010. This would mark the first mass production of such a device to the greater public and I must admit I didn’t see its purpose at first. This tablet does it all, it can shoot photos and videos as well as play music while functioning like a mobile computer. Imagine how this was perceived when we first set eyes on it, it truly stands in between smartphones and laptop computers.

Nintendo Game Boy

The Nintendo Game Boy may be the prehistoric iPad. The device was more a need than a want, when you think of childhood you think Game Boy. The gadget was first released in 1989 but its successor, the Game Boy Color, exceeded all expectations and was commonly found in every child’s pocket. The Game Boy Color went on to sell over 118 million units, amazing how technology has evolved to what it is now. The Game Boy Color held a screen of just 8-bit graphics, but it was the pioneer of handheld gaming which then led to the PSP and Nintendo DS. I admit I still play Game Boy to this day, under the Ash Ketchum persona of course.

Gaming seems to be a constant in anticipated gadgets although there are many different categories of devices which have changed our society for the better. Comment and let us know what you may anticipate next in 2013. We love to hear from the community; I know I’m waiting patiently for the Xbox 720!