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3 Reasons Why YouTubers Have Become So Popular

YouTube started with a simple concept — to allow users to post and share their own videos. Years later, the platform has become one of the most popular worldwide, with billions of videos viewed each day and more than 30 million channels.

During the rise of YouTube, content creators became one of the platform’s most popular features. We began investing our time watching them create, rate, review, and interview in a variety of fun and unique topics. YouTubers are now what makes the platform so enticing in pop culture.

But why are YouTubers as popular as they have become? Why do we enjoy watching them so much? We decided to explore these questions to satisfy our curiosity.

Reason 1: They’re Entertaining

When we log onto a platform like YouTube, we’re looking for exciting content that takes us away from our daily routines for a few moments. YouTube creators, especially those who are well-known in mainstream pop culture, must be engaging in order to build a sustainable and loyal following. Subscribers will engage back if they’re excited about the content that’s being put out. Successful YouTubers are simply fun to watch and act as an escape for brief moments in our day.

Reason 2: They Feel Relatable

In many cases, YouTubers are regular kids who just happen to have a larger platform. The most popular creators have a special knack for making their subscribers feel like their friends. Whether they’re reviewing their favorite makeup products or showing you a new DIY technique, we tend to watch these videos because the person on the other side feels like someone we know. This connection takes time to build. In the early days, we would be asking ourselves who is Azzyland, but now, we’re subscribing to their channel, commenting on their videos, and buying their merchandise.

Reason 3: They’re Shaping Pop Culture

YouTube personalities are changing the way we consume pop culture. Their extensive list of subscribers and fan engagement are influencing the trends we see in various industries, from retail to food and travel. In many cases, when we watch our favourite YouTubers, we’re watching because we’re invested in what they have to say, what they’re wearing, or what activity they’re engaging in. This means when they recommend a product, movie, or anything in pop culture, we’re more likely to follow their lead.

Their relatability plays an important role in their influence. When viewers feel a close friendship with their favorite content creators, there is a greater chance that they will take their advice or recommendations.

As YouTube and its creators become a significant part of pop culture, their influence on younger generations is likely to continue growing — especially since we are in a digital world and turn to visual content more than ever as our source of entertainment.

The world of celebrity and entertainment is changing and evolving more each year, but it doesn’t look like the popularity of YouTubers is going away anytime soon.

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