2021’s Best Bluetooth Trackers

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A Bluetooth tracker helps you locate items on a map through your smartphone. The trackers have sensors and beacon technology that transmits information to your Bluetooth-enabled device for easy interaction and location-based searching. Simply attach the Bluetooth tracker to any of your items and track their whereabouts. 

The high demand for these trackers means you’re likely to get lost in the flocked tracker market. Worry no more. This guide highlights the best Bluetooth tackers depending on your device, budget, and features. 

Best Bluetooth Overall: Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is a favorite for many users and currently boasts a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, meaning that it hits the sweet spot. There’s a lot to like in Tile Mate, and it works for Android, iPad, and iPhone devices. 

The Bluetooth tracking device has an approximately 200 feet range, but the most significant advantage comes when you exceed that search range. Once you exceed the search range, you can use Tile’s large userbase to find the “lost” item. Besides, you can see the last known location of your item when you disconnect from the Tile Mate. Tile retails at about $21 and has a $3-per-month premium subscription that not only guarantees annual battery replacements but also alerts whenever the Tile is disconnected from your phone. 

Best Bluetooth Tracker for iPhone: AirTag

Although the Tile Mate tracker supports iPad and iPhone, you will find compelling reasons to go with Apple AirTag instead. One of the reasons is the crowdsourcing feature that uses other users’ devices to search for any item you lost beyond the tracker’s range. Apple AirTag uses the “Find My” network to connect millions of iPads and iPhones worldwide and track your item. So, if you are an Apple diehard, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t acquire the AirTag for about $30.

Best Budget Bluetooth Tracker: Sticker

If you’re looking for a more affordable and perhaps more miniature Bluetooth tracker, you can opt for Tile Sticker. The model differs from Tile Mate and is smaller. The term “Sticker” relates to the adhesive backing that helps you attach the tracker to items. Besides, the small tracker has a smaller connectivity range of about 150 feet. Although the Tile Sticker is waterproof, it only lasts about three years on a single unreplaceable battery. Tile Sticker retails at about $30.

Best Tile Alternative: Chipolo ONE

Despite the large networks boosted by more extensive networks such as Tile, you can still choose the least popular Bluetooth tracker that will offer similar functionality. The Chipolo ONE is a solid option if popularity is a non-issue. This device has the same range as Tile Mate, a round body, and more color options. Additionally, Chipolo ONE uses replaceable coin batteries and retails at about $24, which is cheaper than Tile Mate. One of Chipolo’s biggest advantages is the free alerts whenever the tracker is out of range. Tile Mate would charge you $3 every month for that. Having said that, you won’t enjoy the crowdsourcing features used by Apple AirTag or Tile Mate. 

Best Premium Bluetooth Tracker: Tile Pro

If you’re willing to spend more on the best Bluetooth tracker, you have the Tile Pro option. This tracker is thicker and bigger than Tile Mate, but both have a similar design and shape. However, the 400 feet connectivity range makes Tile Pro unique. In addition, the Pro is waterproof, comes with replaceable batteries, and has a louder locating ring than Mate. Acquire the Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker for $33 and choose from the various colors. 

Choose one or more Bluetooth trackers from the types highlighted here to keep your items in check. You can also buy several trackers as gifts to friends and family this festive season.

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