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15 Halloween Card Games to Play on the Holidays

October is the month when you should prepare for Halloween and various frightening activities that will appeal to adults and children. Creepy costumes, makeup, atmospheric songs and a bunch of treats can’t leave anyone indifferent. If you are looking for Halloween-themed games, we will help you find the right entertainment. You can choose the halloween card games of the subject you are interested in: ghosts, witches, vampires, pumpkin pie. Our list is arranged according to the allowable playing age specified by the manufacturer.

15. ABC Myths card game

For all ages

This is a game based on the book of the same name. The game will give you unforgettable adventures, experience and wisdom of the ancestors, which you don’t even know about. Here you will feel like a real magician, by whose will incredible things can happen, and you didn’t even know about your magic skills before.

14. Go away, monster! card game

For ages 2+

This game will help kids get rid of their fears, defeat creepy monsters and not be afraid of them anymore. Thanks to the game, your children will become more courageous, stop sleeping with the lights on and overcome their fears forever!

13. Quickpick: Monster Mask Island card game

For ages 4+

On Halloween, you can not only come up with a costume for yourself, but also create an incredible mask to complete the image. In this game, your task is to piece together the monster masks, but first you need to make a monster face. The user-friendly interface of the game will teach you how to use all the tools to form an unusual appearance of a mystical creature.

12. The Magician’s Kitchen card game

For ages 5+

Here you can upgrade your culinary skills and cook a magnificent magic potion in a large cauldron. Acidic colors, mesmerizing music and other attributes of the game complement the atmosphere and completely immerse you in the process of cooking an incredible substance with magical properties.

11. Fallen Monster card game

For ages 6+

The player’s task is to guide the monster through the maze and protect it from all kinds of traps. Show skill to save your monster from lurking dangers and lead it to the cherished goal, because the size of your winnings will depend on it.

10. Crazy creatures of Dr. Gloom card game

For ages 7+

In this game, your task will be to grow as many mystical creatures with different appearance and character as possible – quite entertaining! You will try yourself in the role of a laboratory assistant who creates unique DNA and shows the world new creatures with an eccentric appearance and a peculiar character.

9. Monster Cafe card game

For ages 8+

The task of the participants is to prepare the most terrible dish for monsters. The winner is the one who manages to cook the most unusual dinner. The game offers in its interface different ingredients and cooking utensils for cooking. By the contented rumbling that the monsters make, you can understand whether you have succeeded in the dish or not.

8. Sweet or nasty card game

For ages 8+

This is an entertaining card game where the task of the players is to share the treats obtained during Halloween. The task of each participant is to put as many candies as possible in his basket so as not to be caught. You need to show skill and ingenuity to get as many sweets as possible, as well as to protect your favorite sweets from voracious rivals.

7. Voodoo card game

For ages 8+

Here the participant’s task is to come up with a high-quality curse. Each successful curse will give you points, and an unsuccessful one will give points to your rivals. The game will give you the opportunity to go beyond thanks to the assistance with the world of black magic.

6. Capturing candy card game

For ages 12+

Children enjoy playing games where you need to earn candy, exchange them for various benefits or save. In this game, you will need to earn candy by moving from one stage to another, and also make sure that different monsters do not take them away.

5. Igor: the cry of a mad scientist card game

For ages 12+

The main character is a mad scientist who decided to create devices of enormous power in order to subordinate the whole world to his power. Unfortunately, the only assistant of the player Igor is incompetent: he constantly confuses his instructions and in every way prevents the implementation of his insane plan.

4. Legends and lies card game

For ages 12+

This is a Rummy style card game. Players compete with each other to score maximum points for information from strange and mysterious creatures. Every fact obtained by the player can be discredited in the newspapers.

3. Cthulhu Flux card game

For ages 13+

This is a version of the classic Fluxx card game dedicated to Lovecraft. The player plays the role of a researcher who tries to navigate the constantly changing conditions of the game. The game develops logical and situational thinking, imagination and ingenuity, because otherwise it is simply impossible to win here.

2. Pathfinder RPG: Terrifying Adventures card game

For ages 14+

If you are interested in role-playing games in a group format, pay attention to the materials Pathfinder. Thanks to this book, it creates a story full of terrifying creatures, girls in various stages of demon possession and castles inhabited by ghosts from top to bottom. Remember: don’t be afraid of the dark, but be afraid of what may be hiding in it.

1. Ghostbusters card game

For ages 15+

Perhaps it is impossible to imagine Halloween without ghosts. In this game you will learn how to scare the ghosts yourself so that they will fly away from you without looking back! Rather grab your unlicensed nuclear accelerator – and go ahead!

Scary card games for adults

Most of the card games on the list are made for children’s audiences. But we haven’t forgotten about halloween card games for adults. If you want to fight the undead and survive in a fierce battle with brain eaters, choose zombie-themed games. Here you will find something more than just black humor.

Horror and scary card games use elements of the supernatural. The full moon, Jack’s burning lanterns, vampires, howling ghosts, werewolves and slimy creatures will make your soul tremble. The same elements are filled with games for gambling adults. For example, playing free online slot machines on the Halloween theme, the player can also plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday. If you prefer the detective genre, you can take part in a murder investigation by coming face to face with an insidious killer and exposing him. An ideal option for playing on a gloomy winter night in a semi-dark room.


As you can see, almost every Halloween card game on the list is suitable for the whole family to play as well as just for the kids.Adults can also find interesting entertainment for themselves on All Saints’ Eve. The main thing is that card games bring only positive and good emotions to children, adults and all together.

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