14 Reasons Why Social Media Is BAD for You

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Social media can be a blessing or curse, depending on the content you consume. While it has helped us establish connections in ways we never thought, social media has quite ironically made us antisocial.

Here are 15 reasons why social media is bad for you.

#1 The Time Cost

How many minutes do you spend on social media every day? The minus you pay could be insignificant if considered individually. However, you may be surprised if the time is tallied.

#2 Lowering your self-esteem

You must have been a victim of social media self-esteem issues at a point in life. A friend posts the good house they just finished building, and you end up being engulfed in jealousy, wondering if you will ever make yours.

#3 It steals the peace of being offline

You will become so obsessed with capturing the moments of life on social media that you will forget the essence of living in the moment. This is very critical in an era you want to make sure that you are having some peace of mind as everything moves so fast around you.

#4 It’s addictive

Excessive use of social media can cause addictions. You wouldn’t want to be glued to your phone when you are supposed to be working. It is a great idea to minimize the use of addictive materials in your life. This contributes to a better quality of life.


#5 Social media is unhealthy

Taking too much time on your phone or computer screens while viewing your social media profile could be the reason you are facing eye problems and weight issues.

#6 Social media has a lot of privacy issues

Social media is all about you as a user. The companies will use the information you share on your profile through posts and ‘likes’ for its benefit.

#7 You’ll never learn anything valuable

Have you ever learned anything valuable from social media? Social media won’t teach you a new skill or enlighten you about an important decision in life.

#8 It increases your negativity

Social media is the most significant source of heartbreaks, stress, and frustrations. It is the place where harmful social fires are lit.

#9 It will jeopardize your reputation

Today, many companies will check your social media posts as part of their hiring procedure. You may be left out in a job position for being a hyper-social media user.

#10 Social media encourages superficial relationships

You may have over 500,000 friends on social media. But how many of these friends do you have a personal relationship with? These are only virtual and superficial friends you may never meet in life.


#11 The expectations are very high

The expectations placed on social media will make you lose your sense of personality. You will have the desire to live beyond your means to meet the demands placed by your followers.


#12 You reduce your command over the language

We want to convey information in the shortest way possible when using social media. This explains the rampant growth of slang, abbreviations, and short forms in society. Social media should be a no-go zone if you want to increase your command over the language.


#13 Loss of creativity

Excessive use of social media will make you lose your creativity. Today, social media users focus on copying and reproducing existing content rather than creating something new and unique.


#14 Reduced learning and research abilities

Social media platforms avail you of all types of information. As such, there would be no need for you to delve into studying a book to find the information you want.

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