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10 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Feel NEW Again

If you’re getting bored with your smartphone, try out these tricks, and your old phone will feel like brand new. You don’t need to buy a new phone every two years thinking that the one you have has become obsolete. Try out these simple tweaks and discover amazing things your Android phone can do. 

  1. Update Device Operating System

Updating your device’s OS will enhance performance and protect it against cyberattacks. Operating a phone with outdated software can make it lag and insecure. Notably, Android smartphone manufacturers offer about three years of software updates. So, if your device falls within the range, you should always check and install updates.  

In addition to making your phone feel new, having an updated operating system improves security, introduce new features, and more. So, the only way to get the most out of your phone is to keep it fully updated. 

  1. Change the Wallpaper

A simple task such as changing the phone’s wallpaper can make you reconsider dumping it. There’s a variety of wallpapers that you can find online, guided by your unique preferences and phone dimensions. 

Ensure you change your phone’s wallpaper at least once every month, picking a different theme such as retro, abstract, minimalist, or nature. Make it fun by seeking suggestions from friends and relatives about what wallpaper to use. 

  1. Replace the Battery

We’ve extensively covered smartphone battery types and functionality, but the gist remains that the batteries last for about three years. Notably, smartphone battery degradation happens over time, and it starts to become a nuisance after three years. This is when you find yourself constantly charging your phone and running out of juice. 

Most people prefer buying a new phone after such a period, but that’s unnecessary if the battery is the only problem. Be sure that other things are working fine and that by replacing the battery, the phone’s life may extend. 

Contact the phone’s manufacturer for a good battery replacement and save yourself hundreds of dollars.  

  1. Install New Launcher 

Android has stayed true to its customizability since its inception. You can switch to a software experience other than the one your Android phone came with.

There’s also a plethora of launcher apps to download from Google Play Store and give the device a new look and experience. If you’d like to personalize the experience further, try downloading new icon packs for the new launcher. The best launcher options include Microsoft Launcher, Action Launcher, and Nova Launcher. 

  1. Change Back Cover

Sticking by one back cover for long will inevitably get it discolored and dirty over time. A common sign in worn-out transparent TPU cases is a yellowish color. 

Regularly replace your old back cover with a brand new one to make your phone feel new. Also, look for unique back cover designs with different patterns, details, and fun colors to create an adventurous feeling. 

  1. Replace Screen Protector

Like smartphone batteries, screen protectors wear out over time. The damage is a sign that the protector has played its role of protecting the screen. However, using a screen protector filled with shatter marks and cracks is not fun and can certainly make you uncomfortable.

A cracked protector also makes your phone look old. Luckily, screen protectors are cheap, and you can readily find several designs compatible with any Android smartphone. Consult a technician for a quick replacement that will save you trouble and make scrolling more enjoyable. 

  1. Delete Unnecessary Files

If you’ve used your phone for a long time, it could be filled with GIFs, documents, videos, images, etc. The chances are that you can do without all these files, which occupy a substantial amount of space. Having congested storage leaves no breathing room in your phone and, eventually, the overall performance. Since your phone can’t process all functions smoothly, the phone lags, ruining your experience. 

Avoid such an occurrence by doing a deep clean regularly, say every three months. Open all media storage sections and delete the unnecessary items. The more space you have in your smartphone, the higher the performance. 

  1. Use Custom Smartphone Skin

Phone skins give your de vice a new look. Unlike back covers and screen protectors, the skins offer no protection to your smartphone. Using a unique skin on your smartphone’s body gives it an exciting appearance.

The skin’s slim size adds no weight or thickness to your device, meaning that you can handle the phone normally, but this time with style.  

  1. Delete Unnecessary Apps

Some of the old and unused apps in your device eat up crucial space, run in the background, or convey an underlying bug. All these probabilities affect the device’s performance and speed. Deleting the unused apps will help create space for new apps and enhance performance. Besides, you can find the apps online if you ever need them in the future. 

  1. 10.Update Apps

After removing all the unnecessary apps on your Android device, you can utilize the space created by updating all the remaining apps. Here’s how.

  1. Open Google Play Store.
  2. Tap the profile picture
  3. Open “Manage apps & device
  4. Select “Update All.”

Like in phone update, an apps update may not introduce a major change, but it improves device performance. 

Renew Your Phone

The powerful hardware and software used in modern smartphones provide them with a lifespan of more than five years under good care. So, you don’t really need to buy a new phone unless it has suffered extensive damage. 

Trying out the simple tips discussed here can make you stick by your device a bit longer and save the bucks you’d spend buying a new phone.

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