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10 Gifts for a Great Comic Christmas from ThinkGeek

Shopping for gifts is hard. Especially for comic fans since you don’t always which graphic novels they’ve read or which statues are already on their shelves. Everyone knows that ThinkGeek is the place to go if you need a gift for the geek in your life. We’ve narrowed down the list for you with some awesome ideas for this holiday season.

Harley Quinn and Batman Tie

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Who says ties can’t be the “fun” gift? There’s always that person you get a tie for and you wonder – are they going to wear this thing or toss it in their drawer never to be seen again? But this tie is fun and will most certainly get worn. The Batman and Harley Quinn logo adorning the tie is subtle enough to wear to a meeting without being too distracting. Available for $19.99.

Walking Dead Official Cookbook

Think geek walking dead cookbook

Everyone eats. Me, you, the undead. Now we can eat like them with this cookbook that teaches us how to poach brains like eggs. Wait..what? No, it does not. It does not teach you how to eat brains. It only teaches you how to make tasty food not made of people. I have been using this wrong.

It’s a fun gift to give to the Walking Dead addict in your life. It’s filled with recipes from the show as well as dishes inspired by the characters. It also includes wilderness survival tips, so you can be prepared when the actual apocalypse happens. Available for $29.99.

Captain America Shield Backpack

Captain america shield backpack from thinkgeek

It’s not made of vibranium but the hard plastic on the front will definitely protect your stuff. This backpack is the ultimate gift for the college student in your life. It’s durable and roomy enough to protect your laptop or the Sokovia Accords you’ve just signed. The backpack is made of a padded material resembling the front of Cap’s uniform

The straps even look like the ones from the films. And because it’s crossed your mind, no, you can’t throw it. You can grab this for $59.99.

Funko Pop! Surtur

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 10 gifts for a great comic christmas from thinkgeek, living

For those Funko fanatics in your life, make sure to grab this exclusive Surtur Pop. Seen in Thor: Ragnarok, the king of the fire giants has his sword and is ready to end Pop Asgard. This big Pop! stands over three feet tall and towers over your other Pops! 

It’s an exclusive so you don’t have to worry about getting someone a double. Burn down Asgard for $11.99.

‘Love is Love’ Graphic Novel

Love is love graphic novel

After the Orlando tragedy, creators from nearly every major company in the industry came together to make Love is Love. It’s a collection of 30 short stories and pin-ups about love, resistance, tragedy, and everything that makes us human. It also features the only appearance of Harry Potter in a comic, so that’s pretty cool.

It’s a beautiful collection that isn’t about the characters in it or the creators, really. It’s about being better. About caring. Proceeds from this book go to Equality Florida, providing relief for the families of those affected by the tragedy in Orlando. Get it for $9.99.

Thor Hammer Tool Set 

Thor hammer toolbox, thinkgeek

Thor does more wrecking than fixing, but now you can wield the power….of fixing your leaky pipes. Carry your tools inside of a giant tool. Being meta is funny right? 

Maybe you have a bookworm cousin who doesn’t know a socket wrench from a screwdriver but can name off all nine realms. Get them something practical and fun. This set comes with 44 tools that fit inside of the replica Mjolnir. DO NOT swing this around. There’s a real Hammer inside if you need to do that. (Also does not give you lightning powers.) Available for $99.99.

Wonder Woman Moto Jacket

Wonder woman moto jacket thinkgeek

No, ThinkGeek is not selling full Amazonian armor, although they should. This Wonder Woman jacket will let you feel just as powerful as Diana herself.

It’s a sleek red and gold jacket with a zipper running along the left. Adorned with Wonder Woman’s crest, it has seams running down resembling armor. It looks just as good open as it does closed. Whatever wonderful woman you get it for is sure to love it. Available for $99.99.

DC Rebirth Exclusive 4-Book Bundle With Poster

Dc rebirth bundle thinkgeek

If you’ve got a comics fan in your life or someone you want to make a fan, these books are great jumping-on points. DC Universe Rebirth was an initiative to bring back some of the best elements of DC’s storied history and lay the seeds for stories to come. Perfect for new and lapsed readers, Rebirth is a great place to start. The set also comes with the first volumes of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. With four books, your recipient is bound to like something. The bundle comes with a really cool poster. Available for $68.99.


Batarang, think geek

It’s what it sounds like. A replica Batarang. Every house should have one, and whomever you give it to will thank you for making them a little bit more like Batman. This is 100% true with no chance of failure.

Give this to the young’uns in your family. (Editor’s note: DO NOT GIVE TO THE YOUNG’UNS IN YOUR FAMILY.) Throw down $149.99 to be able to throw this.

Spider-Man App Enabled Super Hero

Spidey sphero at thinkgeek

Spider-Man isn’t real and I can’t hang out with him no matter how much I want to. This nifty little device lets me pretend that he’s my best friend, though. Compatible with iOS and Android, Sphero’s Spider-Man lets you fight crime and crack jokes with the wall-crawler.

Just like a real friend, the more he learns about you, the more he’ll adapt to you. He’ll wake you up in the morning or tell you when you have a meeting. There are 25 playable missions you can go on where you tell Spidey what to do and it affects the story.

It’s a pricey gift to be sure, but whomever you get it for will thank you for sure. Spidey’ll remind them to. Available for $149.99.

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