Xbox 360 Will Live For Next 5 Years, Major Announcement Ahead

Xbox One is now official. Some love it, while others have bad feelings about it. However, with the announcement of the new Xbox One, we can’t overlook one of the most popular consoles of our generation, Xbox 360.

Xbox 360
Xbox 360

According to recent reports, Microsoft is planning to sell even more than 25 million units of Xbox 360 in the next 5 years. Yes, Microsoft will be selling the aging console alongside the new Xbox One and the company is planning a major announcement regarding the Xbox 360 at E3 later this month.

At the Xbox One reveal, Microsoft stated that the company will support the Xbox 360 for the years to come. It was also mentioned that the company has a major announcement regarding the console planned for E3.

Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s Senior Vice President of Interactive Entertainment told OXM, that the company is planning to sell a total of 100 million Xbox 360 units within the next 5 years. With 75 million already sold, this amounts to 25 million new units sold in the coming 5 years.

According to rumors, the Xbox 360 may get a completely new UI at E3, which resembles that of the Xbox One. It’s still a mystery what Microsoft is planning regarding the Now-Old console, but it could be a completely new design, new software or maybe some hardware upgrades. A price drop might help the company in boosting the Xbox 360 sales even further.

Xbox 360 has a vast library of great games and there are still games that are scheduled to be released on the console, so Microsoft will have to keep the console around for quite a long time until everyone has upgraded to the Xbox One. The main reason gamers won’t be giving up their Xbox 360 consoles that easily is that Xbox One won’t play Xbox 360 games, so all your 360 games will go to waste if you sell your Xbox 360 for an Xbox One.  So don’t put your beloved console on eBay just yet.

Xbox 360 or Xbox One?

Few games announced for the Xbox One console including CoD: Ghosts and Watch Dogs will also make their way to the Xbox 360. So, we’re certain that whatever Microsoft is planning for the console, it will definitely be good.

What would you like to see changed in the Xbox 360?