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Wrike Revolutionizes Team Collaboration with Their Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Project Management Tools

Wrike is a well-known American online project management software that helps many companies improve their teamwork and collaboration. Wrike improves communication across virtual teams g, and saves time by notifying employees of project changes and status updates. As consequence, it offers a rapidly increasing overall performance by helping your team reach goals and meet deadlines.


In Wrike, team projects can be broken up into folders. The structure of folders is created at the user’s discretion – topics can be broken up by events, employees, topics, processes, including the ability to make tasks and subtasks. Tasks can be attributed to several folders at the same time by tagging the task with the appropriate folders.
Once a task is created, you can then go in and assign the individuals responsible for that task. To show tasks of higher priority, you can flag the task as important, assign a date, and create task dependencies.
Another useful feature is the time tracking tool. This tool can help you manage your time by showing you how much time you spend on a particular task..
Files and attachments can be added to any relevant task. These attachments can be edited directly in Wrike;keeping all versions of your document in one place. You can also leave comments to the task directly from your email.
Wrike also makes complex projects visible in a dynamic timeline – called a Gantt chart. This chart helps team leaders see how much their team as on their plate on any given day, as well as what deadlines are coming up.
While creating the tasks, additional settings enable you to generate detailed analytics, which tell you the time during which the task was completed and how effective each participant was with their time.
Wrike is very easy to use and implement amongst teams. Instead of spending time going through your email folders to find the latest status of a project, most of the project management tools available in Wrike can be completed within seconds. Wrike is a convenient and effective software for managing projects that allows you to quickly plan even the most difficult projects and easily execute them across your team.

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  1. Colvin Warner says:

    To me proofhub seems to be far better than wrike. Have you ever used it?