Wix Partners with Goodcall to Offer a 24/7 AI Assistant

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Business must continue to offer fantastic customer service to stay relevant and in line with their customers. If a business takes too long to respond, customers will seek solutions elsewhere.

It is especially important to think about customer service in a world where behemoths like Amazon got that way by being customer centric and genuinely using technology to make consumer’s lives better.

From their one-click shopping to expedient delivery and other features, the firm makes it easy to shop and to continue to shop for decades to come.

That is why this recent partnership that Wix is conducting with Goodcall seems like a step in the right direction.

What is this partnership and what does it do for each of these service providers?

A Brief Overview of both Platforms

Goodcall is distinguished as a conversational AI platform that accommodates merchants, restaurants, and shops across the United States. Conversely, Wix is a leading international SaaS platform that deals in creating, managing, and growing businesses’ online presence.

The two platforms have announced a new partnership aimed at supporting the businesses they serve with online support. Details of the partnership deal revealed that Wix business operators in the United States would have the ability to deploy the top-notch AI phone assistant services offered by Goodcall.

Goodcall’s platform provides support for businesses seeking a better way to improve their customer service pursuits and manage their call volume. Born out of Google, Goodcall will be available in the Wix App Market, and will be custom-developed for businesses operating under the Wix umbrella.

Wix businesses will have the opportunity to set up local free phone numbers and simplify the arduous journey of developing and managing conversational artificial intelligence technology. The Goodcall app will also assist Wix users whose platforms are incorporated in the global business dimension, like fitness instructors, self-creators, ecommerce merchants, and restaurant owners.

Customer Service Needs More Investments

Reports indicate that an estimated 62% of calls go unanswered by the local businesses in the United States. In particular, most of service-oriented ventures still rely on employees to answer phone calls, while simultaneously juggling to meet the needs of the clients they serve.

As such, the conversational AI assistant provided by Goodcall in the partnership deal will present the affected ventures with a reliable, affordable, and constant call management solution. Goodcall is highly appreciated for its enterprise-class features that aid businesses in capturing lost revenue opportunities as they strive to develop a base of loyal customers.

The integration features to be availed by Goodcall in the partnership deal will include:
Call Recording and Playback: Messages will be sent to business owners via text, with full access to transcripts and recordings.
New Store Hours: Automatic update of store hours in other business listings (Google, Yelp, Wix, and Facebook).
Customized Skill Store: Business owners like retail shops, hair salons, and restaurants will have the opportunity to create and add their skills to meet the specific requests placed by the callers by taking messages, sending SMS links to table reservations, and food ordering.


The Value of the Partnership

What is the implication of this novel partnership for businesses? Well, we must appreciate that AI machine learning processes are often presented as a service preserved for large corporate ventures. As such, it is very uplifting to hear about the inception of an innovative technology that supports enterprises on the other spectrum of scale and size. Goodcall has won the battle as it makes steady progress in bringing an enterprise-focused service targeting all businesses in the United States.

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