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How To Access SemRush on WIX

With online presence becoming a crucial factor for any brand’s success, content management systems (CMS) have doubled down on integrating associated tools to their offerings. The latest CMS to join this race is Wix, which has partnered with Semrush to bring this offering to its platform.

This helps to make Wix an even more compelling platform for developers and creators who have the time to invest in their websites and online operations. In a world where more people are gravitating online and creating more online spaces in the form of websites, it is important to standout and to reach your audience, having the right SEO tools will be critical in long term success.

Here is what you need to know about this partnership and how you can access SemRush tools on Wix.

What is the Wix Semrush Integration?

As part of the Wix Semrush integration, the former will enable its users to access Semrush’s search data library directly from the CMS dashboard itself. This would give users the ability to use Semrush’s popular search engine optimization (SEO) keyword data tool. 

Since keywords are the foundation to any site’s organic presence on search engine results, this feature would tell users exactly what terms they should target during their SEO efforts. For instance, once users have keyword data at their hand, they can optimize their front-end content, back-end details, and off-site activities accordingly. 

In turn, this step by Wix adds more value to its user base, which has a significant portion of small business owners that need such services at every step. This could not only help the CMS with fetching new users for its website, but also holds the potential to go a long way in keeping its existing customers satisfied. 


How Much Does This Service Cost?

Wix is a paid CMS service that offers easy to use tools for creating a website from scratch as well as managing it on an ongoing basis. On the other hand, Semrush is a freemium SEO service that lets you use many SEO tools for free, and advanced SEO tools against a charge. 

With the Wix Semrush integration, you can now use Semrush’s free SEO keyword search tool from your website’s dashboard. There are no charges for using this basic service. But if you want to utilize more advanced Semrush tools, you can subscribe to a premium account by the service. 

This means that the Semrush integration for Wix doesn’t add any exclusive features for either service’s users. However, it does offer a highly convenient way to website owners and administrators for discovering key information regarding their domain’s online presence. 

If you have a Wix website, you can use the Wix Semrush integration from your dashboard. In case you want to use Semrush separately but without paying any charges, you can also learn what can you do with a free Semrush account.

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