Altspace vr and virtual concerts

With Virtual Reality Concerts, You Can Welcome Your Favorite Artists to Your Home

The coronavirus took everything away, it decreased gains in the stock market, took away your ability to freely go outside, and even hang out with your best friends and acquaintances. For some of us, it imposed the restriction of working from home. Everyone is social distancing and that means that hold off on gatherings with ten people or more.

No concerts. No events. Just Disney+, Netflix, television and spending time with your immediate family or roommates.

With all major musical concerts during coronavirus (COVID-19) being cancelled until further notice, those who had been hoping to get the full concert experience are left dismayed and disappointed. 

But there’s always a creative solution to most if not all problems. Social distancing is a panacea for COVID-19 and VR is one of several solutions for your social distancing angst.

Seeing that safety and social distancing is of the utmost importance during the COVID-19 outbreak, virtual reality platform AltspaceVR is proposing the possibility of holding virtual reality concerts through its solutions.

How Are VR Concerts Going to Work?

Based out of California, AltspaceVR offers virtual spaces for people to socialize and hangout in a VR-powered environment. Owned by Microsoft, the firm is known as a dark horse of the virtual reality sector that is available on major VR lines such as Oculus, Vive, and Samsung Gear VR. With it, it’s also available on 2D mode on PC.

In order to fill the void left by the absence of musical events, AltspaceVR is intent on hosting virtual reality concerts in its VR-supported social environment that comes with design elements such as concert halls, stages, and front-row experiences.

The move is a part of the company’s larger push to introduce social meetup programs in virtual settings, such as presentation rooms, conference halls, and other private events. Through these efforts, the firm aims to help people and professionals connect in the times of physical distancing. 

With the capability of designing and launching immersive environments and experiences, AltspaceVR is also pushing for artists to try its solutions for VR concerts. 

While the firm has not announced any major partnerships as of yet, it has unveiled a program involving the organization and execution of ticketed events, private meetings and concerts during coronavirus.

Through this initiative, AltspaceVR aims to provide a platform to organizations, professionals, and artists to connect to their audiences through an immersive experience instead of pixelated video calls. 


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