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CryptoKaiju Enters the Virtual World with Dogejira!

CryptoKaiju realizes that the Metaverse is here to stay. One prime example of this is how virtual reality headsets are flying off the shelves or have been in the past. More bitcoin meetups and others are taking place within virtual reality settings. 

What’s exciting about this arena is that there are more companies that are devoting time and energy to improving the underlying infrastructure of the Metaverse. From graphics cards to artificial intelligence and other technologies and components that are present, games are getting even more of a boost. The growing success of games such as Fortnite, World of Warcraft, League of Legends and e-sports in general show that this shift to the meta verse is real and is here to stay.

Marshmello, the musical artist, had a performance on Fortnite. Reports note that at least ten million people showed up for the show.

That’s not all. Travis Scott might be next in line to show up to enthusiastic Fortnite players everywhere.

The real world and the virtual world is slowly intertwining, a Snowcrash type of reality may be on the horizon. Mathew Ball wrote a fascinating piece on the emergence of the Metaverse, which I think is worth a read. It helps you get caught up on what is going on in this digital realm.

I recently had a conversation with an entrepreneur from Metacartel who is creating physical items and introducing compelling digital aspects to make the brand even more exciting.

CryptoKaiju is one company that’s been seeing the substantial value in presenting physical products while tying it to the digital. For instance, the company released a collection of crypto kitties that had token representation on the blockchain. 

This meant that one could prove that these works of art were limited edition while having a physical and digital representation of that fact. Scarcity, proof, and traceability are vital in the world of art. The former helps to establish value, proof points to ownership, and traceability points to authenticity.

Cut to the present, and the company is back and is pushing the digital, physical narrative even further.

CryptoKaiju and Dogejira!

The firm introduced Dogejira, a new line of CryptoKaiju products. The product went live on April 15th at 9 AM EST.

CryptoKaiju states, “this totally roarsome critter is going where no Kaiju has gone before as included with every figure is a Sandbox NFT designed by Alex Florez, meaning that you can explore the virtual world with your canine companion.”

Here’s what you need to know

  • 6″ vinyl toy with multiple points of articulation
  • Uses the Ethereum blockchain with each toy linking to a unique NFT for improved provenance
  • Each toy includes a Sandbox asset designed by voxel artist, Alex Florez

Think about that. The firm is partnering with Sandbox to let everyone explore with a companion.

That’s a pretty big deal. You’ll have a physical piece to keep on your desk and an animated version that comes with you while you are roaming around in the virtual world.

A portion of these items are already out of stock but there’s a few bundles that are still available. Early enthusiasts who purchase the great DogeJira will see exclusive rewards too.

I don’t know, maybe, go get one!

Finally, keep an eye on the metaverse and start exploring it as it looks like it’s going to keep growing each year with the rise of digital natives.

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