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WildStar Set To Release In June

The MMO is set to launch worldwide on June 3, with pre-orders for the game starting March 9 for 34.99.

WildStar is a science fiction multiplayer online RPG that takes place on a planet called Nexus where players will be able to choose between six classes and eight races to create a character that they can control. The game is about planet Nexus, where a race called the Eldan have disappeared.

There are two editions being offered, The standard edition which comes with 30days of included playtime, three guest passes with seven days of playtime, and a housing decor item, and the deluxe edition which comes with all that cool stuff and an Eldan themed overboard, augmentation costume, a special title, and colored dye for your armor.

The standard edition will cost $60 while the deluxe edition will cost $75.  Players that have the standard edition will be able to upgrade to the deluxe version through the online WildStar store.

In addition to the editions, pre-ordering the RPG comes with:

  • 3 day head start (beginning May 31)
  • In game storage bag
  • Access to beta weekends
  • Exclusive Housing trophy
  • Exclusive In-Game Title: Chosen of the Progenitors
  • Exclusive rocket house