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Why You Should Get the Amazon Cloud Practitioner Certificate

The Amazon Cloud Practitioner Certificate, or the CCP for short, is valuable in this day and age. But why? The primary reason is that the cloud is a field that continues to grow and find adoption from companies all over the world.

The Importance of the Cloud

The cloud makes it easy to deploy applications and test out markets in a more scalable and streamlined manner. Further, one can find that it is easy to collaborate, learn, and upload documents or files via cloud-oriented applications.

This massive interconnectivity makes it where one can use the cloud to collaborate, create, and enhance productivity opening up more opportunities than before.

As noted before, applications such as your OneDrive or GoogleDrive are cloud-oriented functionalities that you use in your daily life. You may even use applications such as Salesforce and more for your work life.

As more companies shift toward the cloud, they will need assistance in managing, securing, and conducting activities in the cloud.

Several Cloud Infrastructure Providers

Remember that there are three main cloud infrastructure providers. These companies are Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Amazon led the way starting around 2002 or 2004 and has a large portion of the market while the other two competitors are quickly following behind.

Why Get the Amazon Cloud Practitioner Certificate?

The reason why you would want to get the Amazon Cloud Practitioner certificate is that you want to gain foundational cloud knowledge pertaining to Amazon, and then you would like to use that knowledge to gain leverage in the digital workforce.

The Amazon Cloud Practitioner certificate shows that you have done your due dilligence with the Amazon Cloud platform (AWS) and can navigate it without as much difficulty.

The Amazon Cloud Practitioner Certificate on the foundations, billing and other business oriented components. You can find that people in management and sales positions will obtain this certificate to assist with decision making around AWS use cases and optimizations.

The idea here is to push yourself to learn more about the cloud, a critical component in the modern world and be more helpful to any organization that you might join in the future.

The Amazon Cloud Practitioner Certificate is a Building Block

The next point is that you may want to proceed further and gain more knowledge in the cloud. If you desire to do so, you would move forward with going after the  Certified Solutions Architect or the next rung on the Amazon cloud certification ladder.

How Long Does it Take to Get the Amazon Cloud Practitioner Certificate?

The length of time to take the Amazon Cloud Practitioner certificate will vary on your history and current expertise. If you are developer it may only take less than ten hours to study for it and pass. If you have gone to a bootcamp for technology, you know more about how things work and may have to study around 12 hours or more. If you are in sales or management, you may have to study around twenty to thirty hours to obtain the Amazon Cloud Practitioner certificate.

Take the test at a testing center that partners with Amazon and you would be good to go. Remember to use simple test taking tips and get a great night’s rest before the test and you will be fine. Sure, you can take the test online or in person. Many people choose to take the test in person because they seek to ensure that they don’t have any issues with their proctors. This way, you will not have any issues if you have internet connection problems or any other aspects that could interfere with you passing the Amazon Cloud Practitioner Certificate.

Remember that it costs about $100 to take the test and they provide with you 90 minutes to take the test.

Obtain a 70% and you can have an Amazon Cloud Practitioner Certificate!


Focus on These Fundamentals for The Amazon Cloud Practitioner Certificate

You want to ensure that you focus on cloud concepts, security, technology, and billing, and pricing to ace the test. Also, know more about the shared security model and global infrastructure.




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