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Why Proxy Servers Seems To Be Useful?

Proxy servers are routers or systems that propose a gateway between the internet and a user. Hence, they help in averting cyber attackers from getting into a private network. A proxy server proposes various kinds of security, privacy, and functionality based on a user’s company policy, needs, and use cases. When users use proxy servers, internet traffic gets transferred to the address they requested via them. And then, the request returns through that particular proxy server only, and only in some cases do exceptions happen. The job of the proxy server is to forward the received data to users. 

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, why proxy servers seems to be useful? , internet

A proxy server is known as an intermediary as it goes between an end-user and the web page he visits online. Whenever computers get connected to the internet, they utilize an IP address, and it is pretty much like a home address. It tells the incoming data where it ought to go and also marks outgoing data. 

What is called Belgian proxies?

A proxy server is not only used for avoiding anonymous admission to the internet but also for its capability to hide a user’s IP address when he visits a social network. People prefer to buy Belgian proxies as, with the help of these proxy servers, they can have several accounts on varying websites, and here, multi-accounting isn’t permitted. This feature turns out to be vital for an SMM specialist as he promotes social networks. Again, it also benefits sellers who distribute info about their services and products on social networks. 

When users have several accounts, they can involve in mass following, mass posting, commenting, and mass liking safely and more effectively. Using multiple accounts seems to be helpful as it ensures that an online platform has not exceeded the limitations for some actions. And the use of various accounts arouses less suspicion. 

Nonetheless, in every prevalent social network, such as Instagram, Facebook, and VKontakte, a user can be banned for losing access to his account. And all the blocked accounts have the same IP address. Hence, if an account gets linked to only one IP, then the dangers of becoming banned are hugely lessened. 

The usefulness of proxies

The importance of proxies can’t be denied, and they are vital when a client visits his account periodically to check the working of the SMM specialists he relied on with its promotion. They also help in visiting a social network that does not seem to be available in the country where he resides. For instance, the Belgian proxies or proxies of other countries make it possible for people to visit Instagram and Facebook from nations where social networks aren’t allowed.


A modern proxy server serves many functions, and they extend beyond forwarding web requests. Proxy servers also work as a web filter and firewall, and they propose cache data and shared network connections for fastening common requests. People opt to use good proxy servers as they keep the internet network as well as the users shielded from various kinds of bad stuff. Again, they also propose a higher level of privacy. 

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