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Why People Love Tokyo Treat

Food has always been a unifying factor from time memorial. Sometimes, we adopt new delicacies and add it to ours or  we want a particular culture and taste delivered straight to our doorstep.

Experiencing a new cuisine is one of the spice of life. Imagine living far away and being able to taste the world from the comfort of your home?

Thanks to supply chains, the transportation industry, and other aspects of this new globalized world, you are able to take advantage of a wide variety of wonderful opportunities.

Tokyo treat gives you that experience. 

Tokyo Treat is a collection of carefully curated snacks and drinks that give you the taste of the coolest and craziest snacks from Tokyo, Japan.


Why People love Tokyo Treat

The following are reasons why people love Tokyo Treat.

  • Tokyo treat boxes can be customized to allow customers to pick what they want in their boxes. People Love this feature because in a way you can choose what get sent to you, and the fear of eating what you have no idea about is averted.
  • Everyone loves party packs! The large party packs allow you to savor your snacks for a while, especially the favorite picks. The more the snacks, the merrier.
  • The uniquely chosen candy and drinks filled with the modern taste of Japan, allows people to discover a world filled with sweet taste and bursts of color. The thrill of unboxing a new flavor, whether salty or sweet while enjoying the wanderlust of a far away land at the comfort of your home is a truly beautiful experience. Content of the subscription boxes ranges from  chocolates, Lipton Sakura tea chips, corn puffs, rice crackers, Mochi, melon soda and tons of other delights. The peach mint KitKat is a popular favorite option.
  • The Tokyo treat comes in subscription boxes delivered in the mail and can be paid as premium also. The items have code on it used to score reward points for discount on products and subscription. Everyone loves freebies!


A Few Additional Reasons to Love the Tokyo Treat

  • All boxes include a menu booklet that explains what each snack is and the characters on it that allow people delve more into the culture. It’s a beautiful experience for Manga and Anime lovers, seeing their favorite characters on some snacks.


  • It allows you to share. Some snacks come in shareable packs that allow sharing easily with friends or family. It also saves people from the time and stress of searching for these snacks in malls which are usually difficult to find.


  • These boxes come straight from Tokyo and pass through various customs checks to ensure their legitimacy. Individuals can also decide on the type of subscription plan they want and when to renew.

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