Why Haven’t You Seen It..Again? -Digimon

Hello again, my fellow anime fans! It’s always so nice to see you all on these fine Mondays. For this week, we’ll be talking about a classic anime that most of us probably remember more as a kid’s cartoon than anything. So, let’s ask why haven’t you seen it…again? Because we’re going to talk about everyone’s favourite show, Digimon! Here at Geek Insider we’re dedicated to bringing you the best free anime you can find, and sometimes that means a classic throwback.



Why Haven’t You Seen Digimon…Again?

Geek Insider’s very own Tom Herles wrote an article earlier this month titled, ”Why Digimon Was More Important Than You Think.” This article got me thinking, damn Digimon was a good show, I should go watch some. Of course the only Digimon stuff I have is the U.S. Movie that came out. So I watched that, then I only craved more of it. I went online and found out that Digimon is available for free viewing through Hulu, and I proceeded to do some binging.

Watching the show made me wonder why we don’t come back to these exceptional shows as adults. As Tom explains in his article, Digimon was designed for an older audience, so watching it as an adult gave me a whole new perspective on the plot and characters. It is just one of those shows that will always be great, even the few childish elements. Sure, it can be goofy, ridiculous, and stars a bunch of children. But there is just something satisfying about the nostalgia of “METALGARURUMON!

If for some reason you’re not familiar with Digimon you were probably too young, too old, or hate fun. It basically covers the adventures of a group of seven kids who are transported in to a digital world. They discover the existence of digital monsters that live within this realm, and befriend them. These children are the DigiDestined, and are chosen to alter the course of the existence between the digital realm and the real world.


We get to follow our group of kids and monsters as they attempt to thwart typical evil anime plots and monsters. Digimon does something that even some adult anime don’t do, and that’s form an overarching plot. By the time the first arc wraps up, we’re aware that there is something more going on, than what the characters just dealt with. As a kid I never appreciated the story of Digimon, but as an adult I appreciate how it works to tie all of the arcs together. It makes the story seem like on big canvas, rather than a bunch of patchwork stories that just happen to have the same characters.


The actual Digimon designs in the show were what entranced me as a child. I’m happy to report that as a full grown adult (beard and everything) I still really enjoy the Digimon designs. They range from the awesome to the insane, and there is little reasoning between certain digivolutions. There is something really entertaining yet scary about watching Greymon go all skeletal because he likes to fight too much. That seems way too intense for a kids show, now that I’m watching it as a grown up.

Digimon 1

Let’s talk about the theme song. It’s been stuck in my head for the last week. I’m just walking around my house humming “Digimon, Digital Monster, Digimon are the champions!”I’m pretty sure my wife thinks I’m crazy. There isn’t much of anything I can tell you about this show that most of you don’t already know. Most people around my age grew up watching Digimon, and thanks to reruns and other Digimon series, almost everyone has watched it. I’m not here to tell you that you should have watched it, I’m here to tell you that you need to go watch it again. If you’re old enough get a group of friends and some beer and make a digiday out of it. I guarantee that by the end of it you’ll all be yelling out digivolutions in strange voices.


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