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Who/What is BTS and Why Are They So Popular?

BTS has brought K-pop to the global audience and smashed almost every streaming record set by their boyband predecessors. The group enjoys a massive following on Instagram and Twitter, dubbed the “Army,” which contributes to the rapid popularity of new releases. 

If you don’t understand what the BTS comprises, here’s a thorough analysis of the group and the output that primes them for global domination.

BTS Meaning and Group Members

The letters BTS stand for Bangtan Sonyeondan, which is Korean for Bulletproof Boy Scouts. The 7-member boyband adopts a K-pop genre that blends Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, and R&B. The members include:


Kim Seokjin, a.k.a Jin, was born in 1992 and is the oldest in the band. One of Big Hit Entertainment’s crew spotted Jin as a street actor and later incorporated him into the group. 


Min Yoongi is the second oldest in the group, born in 1993. He started as an underground rapper and thought he would only be a producer when he joined BTS. So far, Suga has released solo albums and won awards as a music producer. 


Jung Hoseok is BTS’s star dancer who had already made a name before joining the group. The 27-year-old has also mastered the rap game and has already released a solo mixtape.  


Kim Namjoon, a.k.a. RM, was born in 1994 and became the first member recruited by Big Hit Entertainment in 2010. For this reason, RM assumed the leading role in BTS but maintains that group decisions are democratic. Before joining the group, RM had already established a name in the underground rap scene. 


Park Jimin was born in 1995 and joined BTS shortly before it debuted in 2013. Jimin is also enjoying success as a solo artist.


The 26-year-old Kim Taehyung demonstrated pop-stardom capabilities since the time he played saxophone at school. Since joining BTS, V has honed his music production skills with his stand-alone tracks streaming millions of times. 

Jung Kook

Jeon Jeongguk was just 15 years when BTS made its debut. At that time, Kook was a highly demanded talent for his serious vocal chops. In addition to contributing to BTS, Jung Kook sets his sight on filming. 

BTS Popular Hits

BTS has five tracks among the top ten most viewed Youtube videos within 24 hours of premiering. They include; 

“Butter” with 108.3 million views at number 1

“Dynamite” with 101.2 million views at the second position.

“Boy with Luv” with 75 million views at number 5

“Permission to Dance” with 72.3 million views at position seven, and 

“Life Goes On” with 72 million views at number 8

Other BTS smash hits include “Fake Love,” part of the “Love Yourself” series. Currently, the video has garnered more than a billion views on YouTube and attracted certification and awards for the pop star group. 

The 2018 release titled “Idol” broke the internet thanks to its energetic sound, intense choreography, and energetic sound. So far, the video has surpassed a billion views on YouTube and has become a sensation in sports stadiums, restaurants, and stores. 

The 2020 “BE” album by BTS broke all records with a high of 4.6 million in global sales, surpassing its predecessor “Map of the Soul” album that totaled 4.3 million sales. The recently released album titled “The Best” has already taken over the first position in Japanese album charts, making it the highest sales achieved by any album in 2021. 

What Makes BTS So Popular?

The group’s combination of old, new, and classic makes their music fresh, winning the hearts of many. Besides, the growing popularity of K-pop serves as an advantage to the BTS, with their Korean “Love Yourself: Tear” becoming the first in 12 years to top the billboard primary foreign language album. 

The group’s success in the music industry is also due to the subject they pursue. Unlike other K-pop songs that focus on love and relationships, BTS explores other issues, including mental health, elitism, and bullying. 

Further, BTS sells their amazing songs through entertaining performances in all their shows. Notably, their awe-inspiring music videos and slick dance routines present outstanding talents that keep the “Army” thrilled. The fanbase comprises about 25 million followers on Twitter and 30 million on IG. 

BTS’s massive support from its fan base makes it the band to watch as we resume from the lockdowns. So far, the Big Hit entertainment has perfected each member in different roles, making it possible to produce more albums with diverse elements. Also, the group’s reliance on social media helps it evade the national obstacle that comes with overreliance on local TV. 

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