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White Nexus 4 No Longer Available on Play Store


A couple of weeks ago, Google put up the limited edition White Nexus 4 on sale at the Google Play store but sadly, the device is now listed as out of stock and there are high chances that the White Nexus 4 won’t be coming back to stock.

Even though the White Nexus 4 wasn’t made available at Google I/O 2013, but the company did bring it to the Play store a few weeks later and just a few days ago, both White versions of Nexus 4 (8GB and 16GB) were available at the Play store. However, the 8GB version of White Nexus 4 soon went out of stock and it was listed as no longer available on the Play store.

Now, the 16GB version of White Nexus 4 has also gone out of stock and has been listed as no longer available similar to it’s 8GB variant. This comes as no surprise as the White Nexus 4 was meant to be limited, isn’t that what Limited Edition means? Although, there was no prediction that it will sell out that quickly because Google didn’t give out any info on stock.

We’re still not sure if this is the end for the White Nexus 4, we expect it to remain extinct but there’s a possibility that Google might bring the White Nexus 4 back from the dead, although that seems highly unlikely at this point. Google has declined to comment on whether the device will be returning or not.

The White Nexus 4 is exactly the same as its Black counterparts and boasts the same specs, the only thing that made it “Limited Edition” was the White color. (Isn’t that a bit racist?)

No White Nexus 4? Get the Black One.

Well, unlike the White Nexus 4 which is nowhere to be seen the Classy Black Nexus 4 is still in stock and available for a price of $300 (8GB). It should remain in stock until the company announces the next Nexus phone.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable unlocked Android smartphone that sports high-end specs then Nexus 4 is the best option for you? Which color do you prefer on a smartphone? I like Black.