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White Castle: The Ultimate Craver’s Candle

Oh how I would love to wake up to the pungent yet heavenly smell of grilled onions and beef patties. White Castle has hit the jackpot with its “steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions Original Slider®-scented candles.”

White castle candle

White Castle…Candles?

Beginning in May 2010, White Castle teamed up with Nest Fragrances and developed a slider-scented candle for the celebration of the 18th annual National Hamburger Month. They sold 10,000 candles in less than 48 hours. From then on, the candles have been available for the holidays. Net proceeds benefit Autism Speaks, the largest autism research and advocacy organization. The candles are packaged in a ceramic container, which resembles the cardboard sleeve in which the classic hamburgers are sold. The candles are available online for $13.

“Cravers get their very own burger-and-onion-scented candle and the sales help Autism Speaks, an organization both White Castle and Nest Fragrances are strongly committed to,” Jamie Richardson, vice of White Castle, said.

White Castle was the first fast-food hamburger chain founded in Wichita, Kan. in 1921. It is family-owned and based in Columbus, OH. Today, there are 421 White Castle restaurants in 11 states.

Laura Slatkins, founder and CEO Nest Fragrances discussed the idea for the candle with Bill and Marci Ingram, the owners of White Castle, as a joke but soon launched it into a full-fledged product.

“When I met Bill and Marci Ingram, we laughed about producing a candle that smells like a Slider®. The more we talked about it, the more I thought to myself, ‘What could be better than a candle that smells like a White Castle slider? It’s what we all crave, most of all me!’” Slatkin said.

Thanks to Bill, Marci and Laura, you can now give the give of what we all crave most: onions and beef. Grab a White Castle candle and fill your home with greasy goodness while donating to a great cause. Don’t deny it. You know you wanna.