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BMW i8 Introduces Laser Beam Headlights

Everyone stop what you’re doing, call Robin and put on your Bat suit because the new BMW i8 Spyder is getting sicker and sicker by the minute.


Laser Headlights Appear On BMW i8

Its newest element: laser beams. So you can finally cut through walls and slice pedestrians in half with the press of a button. Just kidding. But the design of the new BMW i8 gets sweeter and sweeter with each awesome detail. The concept of the i8 Spyder was introduced in 2012 and is finally being produced beginning next year. However, the car will not be available until late 2015. The car’s base price is $135, 700, not including the laser headlights.

The laser beams will produce two-times the visibility range of conventional cars but will use less energy. The car will still have low-beam and high-beam LED lights to light the road. In addition, it will go from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds and will get up to 94 miles per gallon. It will be able to go 22 miles purely on electric power.

The i8 is the closest thing anyone will get to a Batmobile. Its silhouette is very flat, wide and low to the ground. The car is extremely aerodynamic. The long lines moving from the front of the car to the rear make it look like the ultimate sports car. The lines and body pieces overlap, giving the exterior its complex and three-dimensional look. And, for the cherry on top, it has scissor doors.

Used for the first time in a series production vehicle, the interior of the car uses a lightweight leather material. The material is 20 percent lighter than traditional leather. The car is available in three interior designs: “Halo”, “Carpo” and “Neso”. The three designs differ in the materials used and the colors in which they are available. All materials used are lightweight and recycled, so as you’re cruising around in your sweet new ride, you not only look like the coolest cat on the block, you’re also being economical and efficient.

To retain maximum efficiency, the i8 has a low center of gravity and 50:50 axle distribution. The engine in this puppy is a combined electric and petrol motor, allowing it to be energy efficient in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The BMW i8 also offers the option to charge the vehicle. It can be charged 80 percent in 2.5 hours with a charging cable and a standard electrical socket using the BMW i Wallbox. The TwinPower Turbo engine in the petrol motor, the lithium-ion battery in the electric motor and Brake Energy Regeneration will ensure the driver that the i8 battery will never go flat.

The sports car runs using two engines: electric and petrol. The electric drive (hybrid mode) is located on the front axle. The three-cylinder petrol engine is located on the rear axle. This double engine technology allows for all-wheel drive and ultimate traction for all driving conditions. Additionally, it offers four driving modes; “comfort”, “eco”, “pro” and “sport”. Each mode caters to specific driving conditions whether that be city driving, long road trips, high-speed car chases or drag races. The i8 reaches speeds up to 250 kilometers per hour. So for all you daredevils, thrill-seekers and/or lawbreakers, this is the car for you. Please drive responsibly.